“I have not stopped creating since the beginning of the containment” – Pierre-Yves Lord

«Je n’ai pas cessé de créer depuis le début du confinement» – Pierre-Yves Lord

It things happen in the basement of Pierre-Yves Lord, confined to his home since two months, Sainte-Foy, with his family. Producer, host and creator hyperactive, he has built a home studio, where he recorded a new tv series, Alone together, and where he is leading a new radio show on may 16. This is not the pandemic that will slow down his projects.

From his basement, with a camera that he has recovered from the emission waves, he was able to save Alone together, a series of 14 episodes of 15 minutes broadcasted on Saturdays and Sundays at TV5, a technical challenge ” quite complex “, he explains at the other end of the wire.

Alone together is interested in the issues of the pandemic in different countries, through discussions with canadian expats, who provide their own images of the country where they are located.

“I’m doing the world tour of my basement, shows-t-it. It was thought that it was interesting to discover the reality of compatriots who have decided to live elsewhere, where the ways to fight this pandemic are so different. ”

In talking with Martin, a conservator canadian moved to Japan, it is interesting to discover that the social distancing is part of the habits of life of the Japanese for a long time, while in Haiti, support and a sense of community are very strong. Even if the stakes are different in Quebec, we have everything to learn about how others deal with the pandemic, argues Pierre-Yves Lord.


Alone together is a bit of a way for him to reconnect with the tour. Its production box, the Saturn 5, specializes in the genre of travel like The Waves, Nordik and Of by in we , which, with the pandemic, are impossible to turn. “It’s a hard blow to our business,” he argued.

But Pierre-Yves Lord is not the type to twiddle their thumbs.

“Our creativity is stimulated in this moment. I have not stopped creating since the beginning of the confinement. From my basement, I have ideas on lots of types of subjects. I feel in turmoil, and it is part of my approach of wanting to continue to survive as a communicator. ”

If he likes to exploit his passions through the small screen, as he had done for the scuba diving with the issuance of The Waves, Pierre-Yves Lord a dream now exploiting his passion for the conquest of space. “I have projects in construction at this level “, he confirms.

Back to the radio

Otherwise, he has found an original way to entertain people on the social networks during the confinement. With his turntables installed in his kitchen, he mixes the music over the course of 5 to 7 virtual, a real party, during which he even takes special requests !

“I reconnected with my pleasure to share the music that comes to me from the radio music and my old career as a DJ in the bars on the Grande Allée at the end of the 1990s,” remembers he. I rediscovered my love of the micro. ”

It’s just as well. Pierre-Yves Lord is taking advantage of a lull in his professional life to make his return to radio, a medium that he loves. It will host, on Saturday, may 16, at 17 h, the issue It is always 5 pm somewhere, over the airwaves of HERE First.

♦ The show Alone together is broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays at 12: 15 pm, on TV5.

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