“I hope that we will reach a final agreement”: Russia and Ukraine have prepared a draft agreement on gas transit

Representatives of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission have prepared a draft agreement on the transit of gas talks in Berlin, said the energy Minister Alexei Novak. According to him, the document is in a “high readiness” and requires further harmonization. In Kiev held a meeting called “quality work”, praised the talks and representatives of the EC. Friday, December 20 in Minsk will be held a new meeting on gas with the participation of head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller.

«Надеемся, что выйдем на окончательные договорённости»: Россия и Украина подготовили проект соглашения по транзиту газа

globallookpress.com © Danil Ankfree and Ukraine has prepared a draft of the detailed Protocol on gas transit, said Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak after talks with Ukraine on gas with the participation of the European Commission and Germany.

According to Novak, the participants “very good job” and produced a draft Protocol, which is a high degree of availability and requires approval.

“I hope that soon we will reach a final agreement already,” RIA Novosti quoted Novak.The fact of the agreement confirmed to the Ministry of energy of Ukraine. This was expressed by the head of Department Alexey Orzhel.

“We are very efficiently worked on a Protocol decision, which brings us to the final agreements”, — quotes the Minister RIA Novosti.

On the performance of today’s meeting and indicated Vice-President of the EC Maros Sefcovic. He thanked the Minister of economy and energy of Germany for participation in negotiations and assistance in the development agreement.

«Надеемся, что выйдем на окончательные договорённости»: Россия и Украина подготовили проект соглашения по транзиту газа

From left to right: Vice-President of the EC Maros Sefcovic, Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak and Minister of energy of Ukraine Alexey Orzhel globallookpress.com © Paul ZinkenШефчович said that further discussion will be held on Friday, December 20. According to him, the details of the agreement will be known no sooner than it is approved in Moscow and Kiev.

Later, it was reported that this meeting will be held in Minsk, “Gazprom” will represent the head of the company Alexey Miller.

In addition, on Saturday, December 21, representatives of the Russian “Gazprom” will meet with the new company “the Operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine”. This organization was formed to comply with the European rules, which state that the mining company and the operator cannot be the same person.

New gas transit contract should be concluded with a newly created company — operator GTS of Ukraine.

Commenting on the progress of the parties in reaching a single decision, the expert of the International Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Bruter pointed out an important aspect of the dialogue between Moscow and Kiev.

“In my opinion, at the moment the main remaining issue is Ukraine’s desire to appeal to the international court and get even more money. Obviously, in that case, if this issue is resolved, no further obstacles to the recovery of a contract in some form, I do not see”, — the expert said in an interview with RT.However, he suggested that a new agreement can be quite not the same as Ukraine awaits.

Gas agreement

Recall that at the end of 2019 will expire on the current agreement on the transit of gas between Russia and Ukraine. Parties routinely consult on this issue, however, the new agreement still was not achieved.

The management of “Gazprom” has repeatedly noted that prior to the conclusion of a new Treaty is required to solve a number of fundamental issues. Among them, the head of the company Alexei Miller previously said that the settlement of disputes between Moscow and Kiev and a discussion of readiness for direct purchase of Russian gas in 2020.Note that to date, according to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, the Russian side should pay to the Ukrainian order of $3 billion, “Gazprom” with the decision do not agree and dispute it in court.

About this trial during a press conference said Vladimir Putin. He suggested that we are talking about a political decision.

“I am convinced, as a lawyer on the basic education that the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court is not legal, not legal in nature, but rather political. One of the studies (sitting here, too, it will seem strange, but it is interesting) decisions of the Stockholm court, there is written: “In connection with difficult economic situation in Ukraine.” Some nonsense just. But he wrote. At least would have refrained from such records,” — said the Russian President.

He also elaborated on Russia’s interest in the agreement with Ukraine about gas transit. The head of state said the advantages and disadvantages of this route for Moscow.

“We are not going to conclude on a term contract in order then to stop the transit. No, we are interested, we want is a convenient route, — said Putin. — By the way, the Ukrainian route to Europe is longer than the route through the Baltic sea, it is longer and just as expensive for us. Still, in Central and southern Europe is also route the exhaust, good we are ready to save it”.

He also reminded that Moscow remains ready to deliver to Ukraine gas directly on favorable terms.

“Were ready to deliver to Ukraine gas at a discount of 20-25%, this can be done”, — concluded Putin.Sergey Gusarov, Anna Lushnikova

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