I hurt my right hand (2)

J’ai mal à ma droite (2)

I used the same title three years ago. The right political and economic in North America knows of the trouble that stretch. The simple values and basic responsibility, of work and of freedom, which are the foundations of this thinking for centuries, are challenged by serious blunders.

I will not hide that this is happening to us from the United States is located in the heart of the problem.

Republicans have represented the american right up to Donald Trump. However, the republican Party no longer exists really. It is subject to Trump.

Those who are thinking about the economic issues and right-wing politics of the future are put on hold in the meantime. I might even say that some are hidden.

The phenomenon Trump

Donald Trump is not a leader of the right. It is a narcissistic allergic to democratic life.

He picks some of the ideas in the right economic, but it is protectionist as the old trade unionists.

Above all, he is a specialist in the hijacking of the debate.

When it goes wrong to the left, it lights a fire to the right. It clearly benefits from a war that he has won against the media to play distraction to the full.

His policy boils down to a mixture of populism, emptiness, showbiz and bravado.

Sometimes he goes into theories, sordid, and sometimes he will suggest to ingest disinfectants, and sometimes he will announce that he is consuming a drug, for ideological reasons.

Despite my natural inclination pro-american, and my admiration of leaders in general, it is a shame for his country as much as for political action.

His influence remains enormous to us. It has redefined the tags that would be a person politically to the right in today’s society, and not for the better.

Freedom is part of the right values.

I have always believed that it is to avoid monopolies to allow more freedom of choice to the people. It was necessary to encourage freedom of enterprise and freedom of trade, to foster prosperity.

Gold in 2020, there are days where freedom is the most important seems to be the one to walk around with a weapon of war.

Pivotal Moment

The financial responsibility, the careful management of taxpayers ‘ money, there are days where these concepts do not seem to be of more interest to both of world.

Too many people who think they are right have their attention diverted by the scarecrows at the Trump.

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 will leave the economy in a pitiful state.

The government’s finances will be even worse. The economic recovery will not be able to pass only by public funds. The debts of governments will weigh for a long time.

It seems to me that we will need, more than ever, policy proposals strong on the economic recovery and the responsible management of the State. Credible alternatives to the right-most will have their place.

An opportunity to vaccinate the right against distractions.

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