I remember… my sports stars

Je me souviens... de mes vedettes sportives

These days, sports fans have for the documentary The Last Dance, which reveals the behind the scenes of the 1997-98 season of the Chicago Bulls. It is necessary to search a little but there are also interesting documentaries on the sport in quebec. Of the 1976 olympic Games to the Capitals of Quebec, passing by Maurice Richard, and the Expos of 1994, go to the discovery of our sporting heroes.

Games of the XXIe OlympiadJean-Claude Labrecque, 1977 (available on the NFB website)

Of course, there you will find the stars of the summer Games of 1976, Nadia Comaneci, Bruce Jenner and Greg Joy that rocked Montreal and the world. The genius of Labrecque, who has decided to stick his cameras to athletes, “height of men” as was his trademark, permits us also to take affection for a Hungarian team pentathlon, to suffer with the marathon runner, will ignite performance in athletics with Richard Garneau and Jo Malléjac. A staple in the genre.

The Rocket, Jacques Payette, 1998 (available on the NFB website)

This movie date twenty years ago, but interviews of the time with Clarence Campbell, Frank Selke and Maurice Richard himself, and the archival images take us back instead of sixty-ten years back. Interesting to be reminded that prior to the arrival of the Rocket, the Canadian was a club dying person who was playing in front of crowds of up to 2500 people. And then, as says Richard, ” we started to go into detail (the sets, for our younger readers) in all years. “

A match (almost) perfect, Marc Durand, 2019 (available on the page Facebook of the Capitals of Quebec)

“How can you not be romantic about baseball ?” lance Brad Pitt aka Billy Beane in the movie Moneyball. It looks like probably the same thing if he had come to do a tour at the Stadium Canac. This is where, each summer, as outlined in this friendly foray into behind-the-scenes of the Capitals of Quebec, athletes from all over the world form a professional team not like the others, in the francophone capital of the Americas.

The steakPierre Falardeau and Manon Leriche, 1992 (available on the NFB website)

Gaétan Hart preferred to fight to win his life. “Work, for me, it is the mental cruelty,” he admitted in front of a camera who tells his story by following the thread of a battle against Michel Galarneau, in October of 1990. Boxing has emanated some of the most beautiful films sports. The steak is part of it.

Triumph & Tragedy: The 1994 Montreal Expos, MLB Network, 2010 (available on YouTube)

If you are a true supporter of the Expos, you have been wrong in 1994, and the broken heart in 2004. This documentary, which gives voice to the great names in the history of the team, just turn the iron in the wound. At the same time, it brings back beautiful memories. Oh, the beautiful dichotomy !

Bob Bissonnette : Rockstar. Pis not nearly so., Bruno Lachance, 2019 (available on DVD and VOD through iTunes and Vimeo)

We are cheating a little here because this documentary focuses on the careers of musical and sporting this lovable character that the deceased was Roberto ” Bob ” Bissonnette. As the guys talked about sport in his tunes, and he filled the Stadium, Canac, Quebec city (7,000 people) to the premiere of the movie last summer, we said that it had earned its place in this selection.

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