“I savor even more what I lived for” -Dominic Arpin

«Je savoure encore plus ce que j’ai vécu» -Dominic Arpin

While Quebec is still in pause mode due to the pandemic, Dominic Arpin feels privileged to have been able to freely browse the Belle Province last summer for the filming of his show, Van Adventure.

“With everything that happens, I savor even more what I experienced last year,” he says. Now that several regions and parks are closed, I realize how fortunate we are to have nature near us. When the measures will be lifted, I think I’ll enjoy it more. “

For the purposes of the filming of Van Adventure, presented to from now on Escape, Dominic Arpin has travelled 8000 kilometres, a journey that took him to the Gaspé, Laurentians, by way of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and Charlevoix.

“I think the issue becomes even more relevant in the current context. This will be a breath of fresh air that will enable people to escape for a few moments. It is hoped that the show will make them want to stay in Quebec for their holidays and contribute to the local economy after the crisis “, argues the facilitator.

Living the van life

During the filming, Dominic Arpin has spent three months in a modified vehicle in the company of his faithful dog, Mika. It was love at first sight for this mode of life.

“It was the first time I tried the experience. I have rarely felt so free, so relaxed that in the course of this trip. “

The moderator loved the fact of being able to sleep, eat and work in this type of recreational vehicle.

“I had the impression that there was no concern, despite the unexpected. You find a beautiful place, you just stop, you kitchen with the door open, and thou liest at the time that you want. It was awesome. “

Do it with less

While his team slept at the hotel, Dominic Arpin has lived in his caravan.

“For me, it was important to do so. It is filmed in the manner of a docu-reality. If I had cheated, it would have felt, and I wanted an authentic experience. “

His verdict : the constraints related to the lack of space were minimal compared to the pleasure he has withdrawn from this mode of life.

“Obviously, living in a van requires a good sense of the organization, especially during meals. It has a small amount of water and only one round of frying. It must be very neat because the disorder comes on quickly ! Still, if one is able to go over this kind of detail, one finds his account in this way of traveling. “

A beautiful adventure

The journey of Dominic Arpin was also the pretext for live many adventures on the road. The facilitator, an avid outdoorsman and adventure sports, took the opportunity to push back its own limits.

“When I designed my itinerary, I was not comfortable practicing sports in height. Finally, I realized that I really had no choice if I wanted to talk about outdoor, so I had to overcome my fears. “

His journey has been growing up. “My life should be fairly routine if I want to keep all my professional commitments. I have the impression of always running, ” he says. This trip makes room for spontaneity. I discovered that I was comfortable in there with a lifestyle that is more minimalist. It is, of course, I’m going to buy one to relive the experience ! “

5 tips for a successful trip

1. I used boxes of transparent plastic in which I have classified the objects according to their use.

2. The small sweeper electric that I have brought in the caravan proved very useful to keep my environment clean.

3. Nature is beautiful, but there are a lot of bébittes ! I was using a racket kills-flies before I go to bed.

4. In a context where it is not possible to take a shower every day, I kept wipes baby to remain clean.

5. I would recommend to always keep a first aid kit in the vehicle.

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