“I should give him another position in the Ukroboronprom to give.” Why the court released from prison Pashinsky

"Надо бы ему ещё должность в Укроборонпроме дать". Почему суд отпустил Пашинского из тюрьмы

Today released one of the most controversial representatives of the previous government – Sergey Pashinsky. On 7 October he was arrested on charges of shooting at a resident of the Vasilkov in 2016. And today the Kyiv appeal court released him under round-the-clock house arrest.

Sending to jail ex-Deputy of the “popular front” in a society perceived as the beginning of a long-awaited “landing” – which promised Zelensky. However, skeptics saw it as merely a simulation: Pashinsky planted on ordinary crime. While behind it stretches trail of much larger cases.

This production of exploding mortar rounds, “Sickle”, and death threats to the Secretary of the Committee. And the mysterious murder “French” in the Zhytomyr region, which worked against the election Pashinsky in Parliament this summer. And much more.

However, even this “modest” charge encouraged by supporters of the landings. But today their hopes were largely dashed.

“Country” understood why released Sergei Pashinsky and how it is responding Ukrainians.

What was tried Pashinsky

Sergey Pashinsky was arrested for a conflict with the shooting in which he wounded the man.

It occurred on December 31, 2016 late in the evening near the house of the people’s Deputy in Kiev oblast on the road near Vasilkov. Pashinsky shot a local resident Vyacheslav Chimicus from a registered gun Glock 19. The result postradavshie got injuries in the form of a gunshot comminuted fracture of the femur of the left leg.

About the conflict, both sides told different. Pashinsky claimed that he was driving with his wife in a car almost crashed into another car, which was standing at the side off the Parking lights. Was driving the wife Pashinsky, she allegedly opened the door and made a remark to the driver of the second car, to which he threatened her with rape. Then intervened himself Pashinsky.

According to him, Himikus rushed at him and hit him in the head with a bottle. Pashinsky fell, and Himikos already in the hands was the remains of the broken bottle – “rosette”. Then MP decided to shoot with from a prone position and then called postradavshim an ambulance.

According to Chemicus, he helped a stranger on the road to push a stalled van (which, according to Pashinsky, he and his wife almost get hit). Passing the Mercedes stopped, and climbed out the MP, who began to threaten with a weapon.
According to the victim, it really hit Pashinsky with a bottle, but after he pointed a gun at him. Also Himikus said that warning shots were not and that Pashinsky fired at him from above, not from the prone position.

In favor of the version of Chemicus on the situation Pashinsky during shooting shows the entrance and exit wounds in the leg from a shot made from a distance of 15 cm, and left a powder burn. Doctors, who operated on Chimicus, confirmed that the shooting was done from the top down, because bone fragments are displaced downward from the pelvis.

The cause of the shooting eventually just shut down – however, before that, tried to put Pashinsky victims. But after the change of power thing the MP again interested. He got the suspicion, and on October 7 of this year Pashinsky sent under arrest.

Until the appeal has not released the controversial former MP.

As released Pashinsky

Technically, the process of liberation of the ex-MP looks like. Pashinsky advocates appealed the decision of Pechersky regional court about prolongation of the measure until January 29, 2020.

The lawyer Andriy Fedur said that he sees no reasons which would prevent to elect Pashinsky an alternative measure of restraint-house arrest.

Prosecutors objected to change of a measure of restraint. According to them, Pashinsky may influence witnesses and destroy evidence which is not fully collected.

On the question of the judge why it is still not completed pre-trial investigation, the Prosecutor Vladislav Fomchenkov said that now are some expertises (forensic ballistic and graphic arts), including re. According to him, they should be completed within two months, but it depends on experts.
The presiding judge also asked Pashinsky, where he worked at the time of arrest, who is home and where is his passport. The former MP said that the head of his charitable Foundation, he lives with his wife, and passport – one of his lawyers. He added that he can give the passport to the investigator, as no plans to go abroad until finished consideration of this business.

The court took the side of protection Pashinsky and ordered the immediate release of ex-MP from custody and sent home in khotiv village of Vasylkivsky district. However, ordered to wear an electronic bracelet, to hand over the passport, not to communicate with witnesses and arrive on demand.

The validity of the decisions of the court until February 3, 2020.

According to the “Country” for the easing of conditions of detention Pashinsky asked his fellow party member Arsen Avakov, who heads the interior Ministry, and lately in favor with Vladimir Zelensky.

Reaction of social networks

“Pashinsky was sent under house arrest. Round-the-clock.

I believe that the voters shocked the force with which we struck the odious figures of the previous regime” – ironically the MP from the “public Servants” Max Buzhansky.

"Надо бы ему ещё должность в Укроборонпроме дать". Почему суд отпустил Пашинского из тюрьмы

“Pashinsky free. More precisely, the clock of the house. Well, finally, I was starting to worry,” writes in the same ironic style journalist Max Nazarov.

"Надо бы ему ещё должность в Укроборонпроме дать". Почему суд отпустил Пашинского из тюрьмы

“Feeble somehow. Should he still post in the “Ukroboronprom” to give,” suggests the journalist Vladimir floor.

"Надо бы ему ещё должность в Укроборонпроме дать". Почему суд отпустил Пашинского из тюрьмы

“Pashinsky was released from the investigation of isolate. Prescribed along with a mattress and a refrigerator. Gave rations, apologized for torture and drove home. Will soon receive a lifetime pension behalf of the President as compensation for moral damage prichiny. And the order of the name of the street from the President Office of the President – as a sign of respect for the invaluable contribution to development of Ukrainian statehood”, – trolls zamglavnogo editor of “Country” Svetlana Kryukova.

"Надо бы ему ещё должность в Укроборонпроме дать". Почему суд отпустил Пашинского из тюрьмы

“The fight against poperednik, corrupt and thieves of the era Poroshenko has stalled,” writes blogger Kirill Timoshenko.

"Надо бы ему ещё должность в Укроборонпроме дать". Почему суд отпустил Пашинского из тюрьмы

Political analyst Volodymyr Kornilov reminded that planting Pashinsky Zelensky boasted, recording blog from “Tesla”.

“Remember how recently Zelensky driving the Tesla reported about the merits of planting: “Svinarchuk is, Pashinsky is, Mikitas is, Dubnevich – is”. And promised not to stop.


21.10 – Svinarchuk was released
25.10 – Mikitas was released
8.11 – Dubnevich was released
18.12 – Pashinsky was released

What else is there? Ah Yes, it was Tesla!”

"Надо бы ему ещё должность в Укроборонпроме дать". Почему суд отпустил Пашинского из тюрьмы

“Pashinsky was released under-house arrest. In this “era of landing” ended happily. Zelensky from that moment turned into a “parkovatsya a pumpkin.” Expected, th. Traded Pashinsky on whether certain evidence against the others? Does not matter. Even if this is so, nor what consequences such knowledge will not. In short, Zelensky searching for new voters among the 23 percent of Petro Poroshenko. And, apparently, very successful,” writes journalist Alexander Zubchenko.
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