“I understood that I belonged to the NHL”

«J’ai compris que j’appartenais à la LNH»

Hopes to see the Canadian qualify for the playoffs would be nice to be thin, this does not prevent Nick Suzuki wish the NHL ends the season 2019-2020.

“I think all the players want. It would be weird not to be able to do so. You always want to finish what we start,” said the attacker of the Canadian in the context of a teleconference.

Complete the campaign would also like to say to conclude what was a season full of success for Ontario. At the time when the season was suspended, it occupied the fifth rank of the pointers of the team. Among the recruits of the NHL, his 41 points gave him the sixth place.

“The transition is huge when it comes directly to the junior. I had a slow start, particularly in attack. I watched a little too much. My first goal (his 7th match) gave me confidence and took away a ton of pressure on the shoulders. I understood that I belonged to the NHL”, has launched the athlete of 20 years.

Close to Koivu

However, Suzuki points to a rank more than interesting among recruits of the glorious history of the Canadian. His 41 points rank in the 23rd row and represent the highest total in the players first year of the Habs since the 63 Michael Ryder in 2003-2004.

Fighting for the 11 games remaining on the schedule, it could almost climb a dozen of steps. In passing, it could move up Valeri Bure (42 points) and Saku Koivu (45 points), the only two other recruits to the Canadian (apart from Ryder, and Suzuki) to have crossed the plateau of the 40 points in the past 34 years.

“There have been so many great players within the concession. It is pleasing to see his name being among some of them, he said. Each time that I present myself to my locker, the Bell Centre, there is the photo of Patrick Roy who looks at me. All of these members of the hall of Fame and all these old masters that one has met, it is impressive. I want to be a part of the culture winner of this organisation.”

Had it not been for the slump in which it was the 12 march (a point in nine games), it would already rank more beneficial. At the time, Claude Julien had said that his protege had “hit a wall”, what the main party has refused to recognise yesterday afternoon.

“Yes, I have experienced a little lethargy, but I have the feeling that I was playing well enough to get points, he argued. The puck simply did not want to go back. These are the things that happen in the course of a season. I never felt that I was hitting a wall or some other form of fatigue.”

Not fully filled

That this is the case or not, and that the season resumes or not, Suzuki, can wait accompanied by the feeling of duty accomplished. It has evolved to a point that Julien and his assistants have not hesitated to give him additional responsibilities along the way.

“I knew that there were good veterans and good young people that were coming back. I still hope I earn a spot with the team. At camp, I told myself that I would benefit from all the opportunities that it would give me”, he said.

“I made the team and, in the course of the season, I was used in numerical superiority. Have been able to accomplish the mandates that it has entrusted to my care, it fills me on a personal level. However, I would have liked that you get a few more wins. ”

On this subject, and although he thinks it would be difficult to make him wear some of the blame.

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