“I want to prove to myself that victory is possible”

    “I want to prove to myself that victory is possible”

    While the election of Miss France 2021 will take place on December 19 at Puy du Fou, Paris Match interviewed Miss Île-de-France, alias Lara Lourenço.

    Paris Match. How old are you ?
    Lara Lourenço. I will be 19 on December 11.

    Where did you grow up ?
    I spent my early childhood in Portugal and came back to live in France at the age of 7.

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    What profession would you like to do? What studies are you pursuing at the moment?
    I am in BTS of international trade. My dream is to be a stylist for big events and personalities. I have been passionate about fashion since I was little.

    Why do you want to become Miss France?
    I do it for myself first. I want to prove to myself that it’s possible because I really lack self-confidence. It’s a great challenge to take up, especially speaking in public. Professionally and personally, this adventure will change my life.

    According to you, what is the role of Miss France in society today?
    Miss France is the French woman par excellence. The strong, positive woman who conveys powerful messages and inspires people to be the best they can be.

    “My mother is inspiring with her strength and her light”

    Tell us about one of your qualities? And a fault?
    I am very stubborn. Positive by nature, I like to share my good humor with those around me.

    Can you tell us about a significant event in your life?
    The day I returned to live in France. It was a dream for me to be closer to my family and although my parents are French, this country in which I had never lived before made me envy. I remember the feeling of happiness felt on the plane.

    Is there someone who inspires you? Why ?
    My mother without hesitation. She has had endometriosis since she was 18, which has led to many complications. Yet I never saw her cry or give up. She continues to face obstacles with a smile. She is inspiring by her strength and her light.

    Are those around you proud of you?
    Yes and initially it was my mother’s idea to help me overcome my shyness. My whole family is very proud of me and I hope this will continue.

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