“I was robbed of four and a half years of my life” – Nathalie Normandeau

Nathalie Normandeau is delighted to have finally obtained “justice”, more than four years after her arrest by UPAC, but still cannot believe that she was accused, in the first place, for actions she says n 'have “never committed”.

“I was robbed of four and a half years of my life. These lost years, I will never be able to find them, ”she declared in reaction to the decision of Judge André Perreault, who ordered a stay of proceedings on Friday, because of the“ unreasonable ”delays. His trial for breach of trust, government fraud and corruption in municipal affairs was officially aborted.

Very moved when she addressed the impacts of her arrest on her personal and professional life, the former liberal minister, under Jean Charest, had to take a break of ten seconds before being able to continue, during a scrum press in front of the Quebec courthouse.

“It's extremely difficult to live with criminal charges. Quite frankly, I don't wish that on my worst enemy. My life has been put on hold, my family and I have suffered enormously (…) Humanly speaking, it is totally unacceptable that I waited four and a half years before obtaining justice ”.

  • LISTEN to the interview with Nathalie Normandeau's lawyer, Me Maxime Roy, on QUB radio:

An “unassailable” decision, believes his lawyer

Ms. Normandeau said she hoped that the DPCP would give up appealing and accept Judge Perreault's verdict, which is “unassailable” according to her lawyer, Me Maxime Roy. The latter spoke of a “precise, scholarly and considered” decision, which takes 81 pages. He considers the file to be “now complete”.

“From the day of my arrest, my lawyer asserted that this affair with justice should not have started. It took four and a half years to prove him right. I should never have been accused, never ”, she insisted, recalling that she has always proclaimed her innocence.

“Despite the Supreme Court decision (Editor's note: the Jordan decision), we didn't give a damn about the delays in question and I took a multitude of actions to obtain a trial, to speed up the procedures and each time , I was told no and the doors closed. At one point, you say: Where is the justice? ”She added. “I would have liked to have had a trial to bring out the truth, but hey ….”

“My reputation is tarnished”

“My reputation is tarnished and my name has been sullied in the public arena. I should never have been arrested and charged, ”she repeated. She now says she wants to take the time to appreciate the judgment that has been rendered and expects to regain, in the short term, a normal life, “take back control” of her life and find a job.

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