I was surprised by the invitation to perform in Russia, – Irina Fedyshyn

Меня удивило приглашение выступить в России, - Ирина Федишин

Popular Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn said that he was very surprised when I received an invitation to perform in Russia. About the artist shared with the newspaper “Today”.

“It so happened that in Ukraine, many Russian-speaking population. I am happy that gradually this is changing. I in any case do not blame those citizens who speak Russian. When I go on tour to different cities of Ukraine, songs in the Ukrainian language are perceived by the audience cheers,” – said the singer.

Fedyshyn added that are not against the Russian language, but I immediately an Association with Russia is a very painful topic, both for me and for the whole country.

“I was invited several times to perform in Russia. I was surprised, why Russia Irina Fedyshyn? Of course, I refused, I have my citizenship, she said.

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