“I will love you until, until …” For each sign of the zodiac

«Я буду любить тебя до тех пор, пока …» Для каждого знака зодиака

Love is such a wonderful thing. She can even transmute the dark energy into Light. Love can cast out grief, love can heal, love can open the Gates of Heaven.

What happens when the love disappears? If we can predict? What makes us go crazy? Here you will find what makes each sign of the zodiac to lose faith in Love.

So, I will love you…

Aries: … until you betray me!

You see, Aries — the sign of the God of war. This means only one thing: every day of their life is a constant battle between anything. They are ready to fight to the last breath. But what they are fighting for?

It is clear that in most cases they are fighting with ghosts. So when they win, they can become bored and then they will look for things that make them angry to fight again. That’s why he will not tolerate betrayal.

Taurus: … until you break my heart…

They can be easily damaged, but they are not easy to destroy. That’s why they are considered to be true and sustainable, solving any problem which can bring Space.

When you have earned their trust, one can change their minds. Betray their trust, making them feel insecure in their own elections! Don’t break their hearts by insulting their home or how they look. Simple find a creative way to criticize anything we want.

Gemini: … until you try to outsmart me…

So you want to play mind games with the Twin… bad idea. Their minds run faster than you can expect.

Cancer: while you won’t leave me…

Cancer sweet and possessive. Do not betray their trust. Emotional security for them is extremely important. So you need to find ways to make them feel safe. They will love you, until you make them believe that you are not worthy of their trust and love. Since that time, they will drift away like the tides of the sea, and it is impossible to return.

Leo: … until you make me look like a fool…

They are protecting their social image and relationships they need to feel valuable.

Do not insult them. They will love you, until you are ungrateful for everything they have done for you. Always find something good to say them. Lions are people who love the truth, so they know their advantages and disadvantages. They want you was the one who accepts them for who they really are.

Virgo: … until you start to lie

Children of mercury — Germs. Masters of truth and criticism. They know what’s going on, and they are very interested in human behavior. In the moment when you start to lie to them, this is the moment when you lose them forever.

Libra: while you will not destroy my peace

If you somehow mess up their “way” of order and beauty, you will be dead to them.

They will not show you directly what they despise, but you will begin to feel the difference a subtle way until it’s over. Never yell at them, stop asking about problems.

Scorpio: … until you start keeping secrets from me

Never try to outsmart them, because sooner or later they will. And though they may forgive you they will never forget it.

Sagittarius: … until you stop giving me hope

They can truly love you until you close the door of optimism. If they can no longer wait for something good, you become the shadow.

Sagittarius always seeks higher and higher, and all they need is someone who trusts their vision and integrity.

Capricorn: … until you give in

Capricorn truthful and heartfelt. All you need to do is to look at what’s best for both of you.

In the moment when you give up your life, this is the moment when they stop to admire you. Just let them know that you want to improve the situation in any way possible.

Aquarius: while you won’t look like all

They are attracted to what makes you unique.

Never disregard the fact that you are unique. Share your different qualities and do not forget to develop their talents. Stay unique.

Fish: … until you make me stop dreaming

They will hug and love you, until you lose faith in your dreams. Their dream world is the real world for them, and they accidentally travel there to get inspiration. Never stop to inspire them with his soft words and warm heart.

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