“I work in the graveyard.” Why team had allocated Zelenskaya Marina Poroshenko 700 million

«Я работаю на кладбище». Зачем команда Зеленского выделила Марине Порошенко 700 млн

© RIA Novosti, stringerTeam Zelensky continues to sponsor members of the previous government at the expense of the taxpayers in the budget for 2020 laid 708 million UAH for the activities of the Ukrainian cultural Fund (ukf), which is headed by the wife of ex-President Petro Poroshenko Marina. Ukraine ru. understood what constitutes the organization.Ukf: the funding of the nationalists, “porkopolis” and ex-officials for public funds

As the Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky in interview “to Mirror of week”, on a separate expenditure Fund financing increased.

“Already in 2020 we have doubled the funding for ukf projects which do not relate to the movie. Earlier, the figure was 250 million, in 2020 it will be 500 million,” claimed the official.

Ukrainian cultural Foundation (ukf) is a public institution created in 2017. From the beginning of its activities led the establishment of the wife of the then President Poroshenko. The official purpose of the Fund is to support the Ukrainian cultural initiatives, but the sauce is actually due to the budget sponsored nationalist propaganda and designs of structures associated with various officials and “peroxoborate”. According to the Statute, activities of the FCA and koordiniruyutsya sent by the Ministry of culture of Ukraine.

Active structure beginning in 2018. Interestingly, the grants are awarded via a closed procedure: as stated by representatives of institutions, cultural projects won the internal contests of the Foundation, therefore, for placing them on public auction grounds do not exist. In the past year total amount spent on grants, amounted to 161,6 million.

The most scandalous facts of the Foundation’s activities is the sponsoring of projects and organizations associated with the former officials- the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy and Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko. So, to 2.8 million in 2019, received a festival of medieval culture “Tustan” (Lvov) conducted the same name public organization. One of its founders is Andrew paruby. A year earlier, nearly 1.5 million allocated to the festival “When the territory is becoming an identity”, organized by organization “Zhytomyr, turn it up”. It is based Lyudmila Zubko, wife of Deputy Prime Minister on housing and communal services Gennady Zubko. She also provided another grant in the amount of 464 thousand UAH for the project “monuments of the late modernism of Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr region”.

Almost half a million in 2018 got famous and “parkalot” Miroslav gay on your project “Doc at the reception”. The same amount was allocated for the “Modern library of the Ukrainian soldier” and Director Alexander Shkrabak to create a “social” commercials on the theme of war in Ukraine.

As for 2019, the Marina Poroshenko said that the FCA has implemented more than 430 projects worth half a billion hryvnia.

“Total budget allocated for the implementation of these projects amounted to nearly 510 million UAH. This gave the opportunity to carry out preproduction production and 126 films and TV series, implemented 48 educational programs, create 27 29 exhibitions and theatrical performances, to carry out 56 9 festivals and conferences, print publications and 48 to implement other projects”, — said the Chairman of the Fund.

She stressed that the overall priorities of the organization in 2020 will remain unchanged.

The Nazi advertising brand

The largest amount from the Fund under the leadership of Maryna Poroshenko in the current year was awarded to the film “I am working on a cemetery” — almost 15 million UAH. This picture was shot on the script of the author writer Paul Belianska. Interestingly, the teaser picture expressed special thanks to the fashion brand “SVA STONE” (“Swanton”). It is associated with the activities of the leader of the group “sokira Peruna” Arseniy Klimachevpromoting neo-Nazi ideas. It is quite obvious from the names of the songs: “Heroes of my race” (this motto is made on one of the shirts Svastone), Our pride is our loyalty (from the SS motto “My honor is loyalty”), etc. the name brand is obliged by the origin of the slang name of the swastika in the ultra-right (“Swanton”). It is sometimes split into two words (Sva Stone), or masking, or appealing to present in popular among neo-pagans “book of Veles” the ancestress “the mother SVA”.

2014 “sokira Peruna” actively cooperates with the “Right sector” and the volunteer battalion “Azov”. 20 December 2014 on the website Svastone was added to the list of products winter jacket “Lutes” with the following text description: “Park “Lutes” — tactical version of the N3B jacket from the company SVA STONE that has been tested, designed and sewn specially for reconnaissance regiment “Azov”. And then released the album “Steel beam will” includes fresh song “the basics. Full contact”. Clothing manufactured by the firm, has become a permanent wear for soldiers of the Azov and members of his civil structures having right-wing political views.

Last year in Russia came the scandal associated with the fact that in Moscow and major cities you can buy clothes manufactured by this brand.

“This sign was embroidered chevrons on the second SS Panzer division. Ukrainian radicals it simply copied. “Wolf hook” became the emblem of the punitive battalion “Azov”, destroys people in the Donbas with animal cruelty”, — was stated in the plot of “Russia-1”, demonstrated close-up clothes in one of the Moscow shops. Then quickly worked the FSB and the Russian interior Ministry, who spent the raids, which resulted in the firm’s activity in Russia was curtailed, and the products confiscated.

Thus, the Fund Poroshenko at the expense of Ukrainian citizens adverted Nazi brand.

Second tranche of the Fund (almost UAH 14 million) under management of Marina Poroshenko got the creators of “Book-a journey. Ukraine”, LLC “green Penguin Media”.

Third place on the sizes obtained from the FCA means was the movie about ATO Director Volodymyr tykhyy (8.9 million UAH). The author of the picture was positioned as a Comedy, which will allow Ukrainians to “get rid of the trauma of war, to acquire new dimensions of heroism, because, despite all difficulties, the Ukrainian people stopped a military aggression of a powerful enemy.”

As many as the 4.2 million in two tranches (2.2 and 2 million) has been provided by no one entrepreneur Anton Ovchinnikov on the dance-choreographic project “Zelyonka Space”. However, as it turned out, Ovchinnikov been employed by the ukf. In June of 2018 he has become a regular expert of the Foundation in the field of performing arts, which was reported in the minutes of meetings of expert Council. After some time, his name was removed from the organization’s website, but direct link is absolutely clear.

The Minister of culture from Zelensky’s wife praises Poroshenko

It would seem that under the new government, the activities of the FCA were supposed to be, if not collapsed, then reformatted, but that didn’t happen. As follows from the interview of the Minister of culture of the Borodyansky, he fully endorses the wife Poroshenko and dismiss her from office is not intended.

“Marina A. has done much to ensure that the ukf was successfully worked for two years… This organization is fair in a society considered very high quality institution. Of course, there is much to develop and grow further”, — said the representative of the team Zelensky.

The allocation of such huge funds on nationalist propaganda under the leadership of the wife of the former President condemned the opposition journalist, former political prisoner of the regime Poroshenko Dmitry Vasilets. In his opinion, the we-command permits the humiliation itself that is a blatant disgrace.

“The allocation of Fund Maryna Poroshenko 700 million UAH will Zelensky fully enjoy the flow of lies and filth from the “porkopolis” in the address. After all, the money will be spent mostly on them. The perfect solution, I am sure the “wise” Minister Borodyansky will continue to delight such “gifts from Pinchuk’s” young team ZE. Madness without courage, humiliation and a shame… With all this, there is a process to legitimize private property rights of foreign corporations over our Ukrainian land, we know how, trying to resist,” wrote Vasilets in Facebook.

Thus, such support of the former President, we-the team signs in the cultivation of outright nationalist propaganda. All this happens at the expense of taxpayers, most of whom gave voice to the current government in the hope to stop this mayhem.

Maintaining continuity with the course of the regime Poroshenko, ze-team kills any hope for positive change and renewal in the country, receiving only the rapid collapse of their ratings.Vitaliy Didenko

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