“I would like, to this victory”

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    Andrew Ranger is a regular visitor to the postion of head at the Grand Prix of Three Rivers.

    Louis Butcher

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 21:10

    Saturday, 12 August, 2017 21:10

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    THREE-RIVERS | Now ruled out of the title race, Andrew Ranger has only one idea in mind : to win the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières for the fifth time in his career.

    The driver of Granby has confirmed its ambitions in making Saturday the chrono to the fastest qualifying session in NASCAR Pinty’s when it has traversed the circuit in 1 min 6,958 s. He was the only one of the 20 committed to complete a round in 97 seconds.

    Just behind him, Alexandre Tagliani has failed, as 43 thousandths of a second to dislodge it from its position of head. Marc-Antoine Camirand, still brilliant, came in the third rank, to 165 thousandths of a second off the leader.

    The memory of 2010

    “This result is very promising,” said Ranger in an interview in the Journal de Montréal. I would like, to this victory, and I’ll do anything to get it. “

    Ranger has never done worse than second place in the Mauricie region since the inaugural race of the series in 2007.

    Before being classified second at the finish in his last four appearances in Trois-Rivières, he had won the race while starting from first place on the starting grid in 2010.

    “From the first is always an advantage, especially here, he added. But the race is long and it is necessary to keep the best for the end. I wish, however, that some of my opponents do not attempt maneuvers too bold early in the race, as was the case this season… “

    Ranger owes a debt of gratitude to his team [Mopar] who was able to make adjustments in a successful after you have experienced all sorts of problems during free practice in the morning.

    These changes have allowed him to cut off six-tenths of a second in the afternoon.

    Six Quebecers at the forefront

    Alex Tagliani is not at the top of his form, him that fighting bronchitis for a few days. His second place is a more than satisfactory result in the circumstances.

    “I’m not at the top of my form, I can’t stop coughing, said the driver of Laval. I’ve never been sick during a race weekend. I just hope that I will be fit enough for the run. “

    Ranger has orchestrated a domination of quebec. The representatives of the Beautiful Province, have monopolized the first three rows on the starting grid.

    Kevin Lacroix, who seeks a third win in a row at Trois-Rivières, has achieved the fourth best time, ahead of the local favorite, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin (5th) and the Championship leader, Alex Labbé (6th).

    “I occupied the second place after the free practice session in the morning, reported Dumoulin, but I made a small mistake in qualifying which cost me a few places. But I have no concern, my car behaves very well. We have solved the brake problems that affect us for the past two years. “

    His brother Jean-François, will start from eighth place on Sunday, behind-the-Ontario-D. J. Kennington, ranked seventh.

    Another Québécois, David Michaud, limited to attendance sporadic in the NASCAR Pinty’s, is also shown entering the tenth time faster.


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