Ice cream: save you from migraines and the heat and will give a feeling of happiness

Мороженое: спасет от мигрени и жары и подарит ощущение счастья

Ice cream: save you from migraines and the heat and give the feeling of happiness [photos]
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In the heat of summer ice cream are saved from small to large. Photo: Paul CACKOWSKI

The most famous cold dessert saves not only from heat but also from the spleen, and it’s easy to prepare.

From ice cream in the summer to stay is almost impossible. And is it necessary? It hurts, not so much itself a treat, as his number. Besides, if engage in the manufacture of ice cream by yourself, you can health benefits to guests and to surprise. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” learned from the experts and we love ice cream and how to cook an unusual and refreshing dessert.

The taste of childhood

Today, on average, each person eats 20 kilos of ice cream a year. Why we like it? Psychologists say, because the taste of ice cream reminiscent of childhood — a period of joy and lightheartedness. So when we eat ice cream, our brain produces endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine — a whole bunch of happy hormones.

Ice cream – the perfect remedy for bad mood and depression, – the psychologist Natalia Vishnevskaya. – It’s simple! When we eat ice cream, the body begins to produce the “hormone of happiness” – serotonin. If you want scientific fact that ice cream contains a substance called “l-tryptophan”. It is a kind of natural tranquilizer which gives us the feeling of happiness.

If you want to get a maximum dose of happiness, psychologists advise to choose chocolate ice cream. Most of the vitamin In charge of this “sphere”.

Sesame, tomato, Basil-flavored

Мороженое: спасет от мигрени и жары и подарит ощущение счастья

Mistress says: make a fancy ice cream, maybe even those who are not particularly good in cooking. The main thing – follow the recipe and technology Photo: personal archive

A resident of the Dnieper river Marina Pilipenko experimenting with unusual recipes for ice cream.

Culinary experiences of 35-year-old Marina began in adolescence. Recipes in cookbooks often did not coincide, and prepared was not always fun. And then the girl started to come up with something of their own, finding inspiration in finding something unusual and incongruous. And even though the kitchen was a favorite place of Marina, the profession she chose without reference to cooking. Worked as a lawyer, led the business, but the fate did not leave, and now she has a taste of his Workshop, where he conducts workshops and shares his unusual recipes.

Menu Workshop and the usual ice cream, but most customers are interested in just the unconventional sweet – tomato ice cream, ice cream flavored with Basil and black sesame seeds, there is still a white wine.

Unconventional ice cream at home can cook, even one who is not particularly friendly with cooking facilities, – says the girl. – The main thing – to adhere strictly to the recipe and technology of cooking.

By the way, the recipe of tomato ice cream Marina found in the old Soviet books.

– No, zucchini ice cream, I didn’t cook, laughs at our question experimentators. – It is better to prepare in the form of pancakes. But the sesame and Basil – perfect for experimenting with ice cream.

For my family mistress does cold dessert exclusively from natural ingredients, store-bought ice cream long ago gave the all-clear. Sons and husband prefer berries and fruit, using coconut cream and vegetable ingredients.

Мороженое: спасет от мигрени и жары и подарит ощущение счастья

Among non-traditional ice cream recipes – ice cream with sesame seeds, Basil and white wine. Photo: personal archive

The traditional recipe of ice cream from the Marina Pilipenko

The culinary mistress claims what is ice cream, which was sold in her childhood – in a cardboard Cup with a wooden stick.

You will need: 600 ml milk (3.2% fat), 500 ml cream (33-35% fat), 70 g of milk, 180 g sugar, 20 g cornstarch, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar or pod natural vanilla.

Process of preparation: in a saucepan, mix sugar, vanilla, milk. Small portions pour in milk 500 ml and stir. In the remaining 100 ml of milk stir the starch.

Milk mixture bring to a boil, pour in the starch and stir until thick. Remove from heat, strain through a sieve into a small container, cover with film and put in refrigerator until cool. Cold cream, beat until soft peaks form and combine with cooled milk mixture. Pour the mixture into the freezer and cook 30 minutes. Put ice cream in a storage container and put into the freezer for 1-2 hours.


A storehouse of vitamins


Ice cream is a storehouse of nutrients, if we, of course, implied a natural product that does not contain vegetable fats. It is composed of calcium, phosphorus, iron, milk sugar – lactose, vitamins C, A, B1, B2, E and about twenty useful amino acids. And ice cream is a source of protein. One briquette provides the daily rate! But loving ice cream is not forbidden, but to eat them regularly can afford not all.

– Because of the high sugar content of ice cream can’t eat with diabetes. Included in it are the eggs, and a large number of dairy ice cream fat, make higher grades, such as ice cream, is unacceptable for those who are allergic to chicken protein, obesity, and atherosclerosis, says dietitian Maria Karavaeva.

According to the specialist, you should not eat ice cream during exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. By the way, kids, if they have no weight, and they don’t spend all the time in front of the computer, and play outdoor games, you can safely eat one or two servings. Harm from it will not. However, there is not need ice cream for dessert after lunch, and in the intervals between meals.

Мороженое: спасет от мигрени и жары и подарит ощущение счастья

Store ice cream in the family Marina long ago gave the all-clear, because the dessert prepared by her, much tastier and healthier. Photo: personal archive

It TURNS out

Cure migraine

State before migraine doctors call “aura”. This is the moment when the discomfort is just beginning, for example, nausea or mild confusion – each one individually.

If your migraine at this stage, take a tablespoon of ice cream and hold it in your mouth between the tongue and palate until warm. Thus cooled by the pituitary gland, and in most cases, the pain can be prevented. However, to the doctor then you still need to pay a visit.

Rating calorie

Ice cream “eskimo pie” cream

183 kcal


Ice cream vanilla – chocolate

140 calories


Vanilla ice cream

160 kcal

Dairy ice cream

126 kcal



Ice cream

227 kcal


Ice cream sundae

165 kcal


Ice cream fruit

168 kcal

Chocolate ice-cream

116 kcal



Dessert aristocrats

It is not known when, where and by whom was invented the recipe of ice cream. But history knows that fruits and berries in the snow frozen in the times of Alexander the great. With snow in the mountains sent slaves who are specially trained for fast running — so the snow has time to melt. Of course, ice cream in the modern sense of the word treats of the ancient Greeks was not — it was more of a low-fat frozen desserts: fruit with the cooled finely grated sweet ice, frozen syrups, infusions and juices, sherbet and fruit ice.

In 1295 Marco Polo brought to Europe the recipe for the unknown dessert to cool which was used not only snow and ice, but also nitrate. Product in the mold was placed in water (then the water dissolved nitrate) or in the ice with salt. After that, internal and external forms began to rotate, which contributed to a more rapid freezing of the product without the formation of large crystals.

This dish immediately became popular, and no ice cream there was not one formal dinner, like at the Palace and aristocrats.

Later Catherine de Medici brought to France his cook who could make delicious ice cream. Advisers to the king of France immediately demanded the issuance of recipe and technology of cooking wonderful treats. The recipe was a state secret, and there are many cases when the disclosure of the secrets were punished more than, for example, for the plundering of the Royal Treasury.

In 1649 appeared vanilla ice cream — it was invented by a French chef Gerard Tirsen. And then the recipe ice dessert was updated constantly — appeared new varieties.

The public learned the recipe thanks to Procopio de Coltelli, who opened the first ice cream parlor in Paris. In 1782, in this cafe, customers were offered up to eighty varieties of ice cream.


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