Ideal to be bad: 5 ways to combat perfectionism

Идеалом быть вредно: 5 способов борьбы с перфекционизмом 

Perfectionism and the pursuit of perfection appears to be synonymous concepts. But in fact, people trying everything and always to do perfectly, doing themselves more harm than good. And others, too. This morbid obsession makes it impossible to understand that the world is not perfect. It is volatile. Not to earn, over time, the neurosis, will have to change your perfectionist habits. We will advise you the right direction of work.1. Concentrate on the process not on resultdepartment constantly thinking about your ideal performance, in whatever he undertook. Therefore, it is difficult not only to get pleasure from the work, but to realize it here and now. So, you will have to learn it. Start with simple things: admiring nature, playing with Pets is a fascinating hobby. Allow yourself to live moments in the present and feel free of their own emotions.2. Find your priority activity”Be the best always and everywhere” — this is the task that confronts the people of perfectionism. No wonder she not be solved in principle. The rejection of the idea of “only” will help to get more freedom and to reduce emotional stress, which becomes a background of the life of a perfectionist. To do this is to elect the main direction where you want to be the best (e.g., a profession). But to the rest of the fields should adopt a more liberal attitude.3. Give yourself the right oshibatsya make the case well enough, doubts own competence, the endless thinking about all the possible scenarios — all of this takes a lot of time and energy. You understand that people who never make mistakes, does not exist? And if someone is successful, we just don’t know what a series of bad decisions he has. You also have the right to be wrong. Your development does not hamper errors, and indecisiveness arising out of fear in front of them. Just relax. You’re human, not a machine. And you have the right to imperfection.4. Stop all kontroliruyushchie extremely difficult to delegate at least some of the cases to someone else, because in this case he loses the sole control over them. It is experienced painfully and expressed including in the claims to those who agreed to help. As a result, you spoil relationships with others. There are many things that a person could not control. It is an objective reality. And it must be taken.5. Increase of samoocenkoi sometimes requires long and painstaking work with a psychologist, but it’s worth it. Perfectionism is often rooted in low self-esteem. Because of this, man is constantly living with an eye on the other. To feel worthy, it needs the approval from the outside. To do this, the perfectionist is willing to kill a lot of time and effort. But this brings more respect. Is a well-known psychological principle: if you do not love yourself, you will not love nobody.6. To be perfect does not mean to be castleville the pursuit of perfection has become your religion, consider whether you are happy in your choice, in their decisions, satisfied with their lives. Or, conversely, feel pressured by a horse? If the latter, then your perfect picture of the world that something is wrong. Imagine that you have achieved the maximum possible result. But does this apply to happiness? To be happy, don’t need to be perfect, you just need to allow yourself to be!

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