Idleness makes people more creative

Безделье делает людей более креативными

Experts have found out that idleness is good for health and makes people more creative, says

In today’s world people is accompanied by constant stress. The result is an infinite employment is bad for the mental state of the person and his overall health.

According to psychologist sandy Mann, a condition where the man does nothing, helps to solve problems faster.

“Let the mind looking for his own stimulation. That is when you surrender yourself to dream and allow yourself to soar in the clouds, you are more likely to come to creativity”, she said.

Experts urge to listen to his inner state. When the energy is completely wasted, and performance will be high. Therefore, these points need to use to do nothing. Such a holiday may well subsequently increase productivity.

Earlier it was reported that Sweden has opened a vacancy of a slacker with a salary of $ 2320 per month. The candidate offered life-long employment, salary with annual increases, weekends, vacation and retirement. The work that luck is not necessary. The only goal is every day in the week to come to the railway station Korsvagen in Gothenburg, and after some time to go. All the “working time” candidate can do anything.