If a woman gives a man 4 things, she will be loved day and night always

Если женщина дает мужчине 4 вещи, она будет любима днем и ночью всегда

Harmonious and healthy relationship can make happy any man. Especially if he has previously had the experience of not a good relationship. Although in fact a man needs not so much to be satisfied with their personal life. All you need is a woman who will properly treat him and know what he wants, and it is:

1. To be loved.

Love is not for wimps. He may be a notorious alpha male, but he still wants love and tenderness.

2. To be taken care of.

A man likes when a woman cooks him dinner – not only because he is hungry, but because it is a manifestation of her worries. Man, it is important that the woman knew how to keep house – this intuitively suggests that it will be a good mother.

3. To be respected.

The man need it even more than love. And love without respect can’t be. He wants to feel that the woman sees him as a real man.

4. To supported him.

His views, goals, plans. Not to laugh at them and not belittle them. To support and believe that he will succeed.

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