If bumps or bruises body: simple tips for healing the body

Если на руках пупырышки или по телу синяки: простые подсказки для оздоровления организма

The human body is multifaceted. Sometimes he gives us hints, which we do not even know, although they directly say what our body is lacking, that it was healthy. These tips are quite simple, yet absolutely accurate.

Simple tips for healing the body

  • Dandruff. If you got it — this means that the body lacks fatty acids of a certain type. Their main purpose is lubrication. Enough to eat a couple of fish dishes and dandruff will disappear.
  • Thin and brittle hair. Eat a Cup of white rice, and the level of folic acid in the body returns to normal. It is responsible for normal hair condition. If the rice is not to your liking, you can substitute the same quantity of spinach.
  • Gray hair. Copper is one of the most important elements for humans. It is responsible for the maintenance of normal hair color. To establish the percentage of a copper shortage guide the appropriate diagnosis and start eating mushrooms and seafood. Some time later, the copper concentration returns to normal.
  • Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that the body was always healthy. About the lack of this vitamin is evidenced by cracks and sores forming in the mouth. To help to restore the level of vitamin B12 will help the red meat and eggs. If you prefer vegetarian cuisine, will help dairy products and yeast.
  • If hands were bumpsin the organism has decreased concentration of zinc. It is the main element that helps to keep the skin healthy. To optimize the level of zinc, eat poultry, sweet potato and pumpkin. Should not use nutritional supplements, since the use of them did not, but the harm is enough.
  • If you feel heartburn, the body increased the amount of acid. To combat it, drink a spoonful of weak vinegar solution or a medication for heartburn.
  • If you’re after a healthy sleep you feel tired — it’s time to take the products containing in its composition vitamin D. most of it is contained in yogurt and other dairy products, as well as in fish and mushrooms grown under ultraviolet light.
  • When after each contact with a solid surface is in the skin bruise is not that other, as evidence of a lack of collagen. To increase its concentration will help the jelly, and the use of fruit. For example, in strawberries, the level of collagen is higher than in citrus fruits.
  • When the body lacks calcium, in the area of calf muscle cramps. Drink fortified milk and eat more bananas and avocados — the problem will soon disappear. Calcium also helps to increase the consumption of pumpkin seeds.
  • If the body lacks fiber, it may lead to constipation. To combat this very pleasant phenomenon is necessary to eat apples and lentils — the fiber level will be restored, and the body again starts to work normally.

The products in question, exist in almost every home. Their use will allow you to restore your health without medications. In fact, we are talking here about folk medicine. And she is known to be much more effective than conventional medicine. Be healthy!

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