If it is (still) with the application of mobile alert SAIP this morning?

The alerting application SAIP has been launched in 2016 by the government, on the eve of the Euro football. — DAMIEN MEYER / AFP

In the framework of a particular plan of implementation of safety, a simulation of a terrorist attack,
this Friday morning in the schools of Seine-Maritime, the application SAIP (alert attack) has been tested by the ministry of the Interior in the department.

EXERCISE MPCS 9am-12pm @acrouen @prefet76 @PoliceNat76 @Sdis76 ⚠️test SAIP as part of the FISCAL year ▶️to download the application. EXERCISE pic.twitter.com/sCOKpOLXpO

— PréfèteSeineMaritime (@prefet76) October 13, 2017
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It worked perfectly in the 76… and even beyond, since several people have reported on social networks have received an alert exercise on their mobile phones elsewhere in France, sometimes multiple times.

I also received the alert while I am in Lyon ! And received message 3 times…
There are still some tweaking to do on #SAIP

— Pierre-Marie MAUXION (@pmauxion) October 13, 2017

3 alerts SAIP received for a fiscal year in a school in Seine-Maritime. The app has crashed twice.

— Gary Assouline Jr (@garyassouline) October 13, 2017

I am geo-located with the SAIP and I get an alert… in the Val de Marne… this app really needs to be improved…

— Patrick Smith (@fpatricksmith) October 13, 2017

I confirm the receipt of the notification #saip exercise in a establish a school🤔, for a place that does not appear in my alerts.

— matagathajane🌸 (@matagathajane) October 13, 2017

#saip @VISOV1 I received the notification in Alsace while I have no saved place in the seine maritime. Bug or national test ?

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— Nicolas SCHUTZ (@SCHUTZY68) October 13, 2017

Alert SAIP received “exercise” in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

— Stone ☨ (@pierrechrrn) October 13, 2017

Contacted by 20 Minutes, the ministry of the Interior explains that these multiple bugs by the fact that the alert is triggered on phones that have not updated the application since a while.

“There are regular simulation exercises of terrorist attack, but in general, we do not need to mobilise the application SAIP. He was here to test its proper functioning “, said the place Beauvau.

A software designed “in the emergency […] which affected the quality of the final product”

Launched in 2016, to alert the population quickly to an attack in progress, the application SAIP has been strongly criticized for several failures, sometimes triggered without reason, or, conversely, reacting with a lot of delay, as the 14 July 2016 in Nice, where the alert is arriving two to three hours after the fact.

A senate report Jean-Pierre Vogel (LR), made public in August 2017, is a software designed ” in the emergency […] which affected the quality of the final product “. During recent attacks in Paris, the prefecture of police was, for example, preferred Twitter to disseminate its messages.