If nerves are gone: how to give first aid for a nervous breakdown

Если сдали нервы: как оказать первую помощь при нервном срыве

To stress inflicted the least damage on the body, it should be understood, from which it arises, and to perform light actions. Knowledge of first aid in case of stress will help to avoid the consequences. Magicforum gathered tips that will help decrease the effects of stress.

What happens to the body during stress?

In acute stress a person can tell a lot of extra to do things will regret it. Nervous shock in addition to other things can cause mental disorders: neurosis, depression. Physical diseases: ulcer in the digestive tract, hypertension, cardiac disease. But it is impossible entirely to protect yourself from excitement. Therefore, in stressful situations, a psychological immune system. This gives you the ability to keep adequate field of the negative emotions. So the man brings his character. What to do for acute stress and how to help loved ones?

For nervous breakdowns characterized by the following factors: anxiety, hysteria, nausea and a depressed state. At some point the person may fall out of normal life: family, work and leisure. It’s borderline, but not a diagnosis or a serious pathology. But it can also lead to them.

The truth is, stress is a very good ability of every living being. She helps him to adapt to the environment. Do not be afraid of stress. But with increased stress threshold when people will not cope with it, there is distress. This is the beginning of mental disorders.

Women are strong under stress. They are more emotional by nature. The right hemisphere is more developed in women, so the perception of the world they see in the picture, the emotional memory. Men also experience stress, but a little different. You notice that when you go late-night Comedy, in the auditorium seen that before laughing women. They have faster than men occur reactions. In this example. This happens on a daily basis. Nervous shock causing physical disease.

When excited in the blood increases the level of stress hormones: adrenaline, vasopressin, for example. Starts tachycardia, the body is “ready to fight”. As nature intended, to enable them to respond quickly to the threat, avoiding the danger and saved his life. Now people are less exposed to physical hazards so that threat is most often psychological in nature. The environment is not supposed to show emotions. Stress may be hiding inside, but outwardly smile, positive thinking. Only when the emotions are “silent”, the body will “scream”. You can’t deny my body anything, be easier, to positively think about something. Body differently reacts. Appears hypertension, problems with intestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

How to help the victim?

Of course, the man needs help. But relatives are often wrong. It is prohibited to involve yourself emotionally hysterical. You need to keep calm. Of course, this is difficult because human emotions can be contagious and be transferred to another like a virus. For example, if a person stretch out a hand to the other in response to stretch, too, when someone will smile and in response he gets a smile. If the person is mentally aroused, the one who ranks with him at this time is also included in it. Especially if it is native. A simple similarity: one can imagine two strings. One starts to vibrate, followed by another. When one string is done, it turns off the vibration of the second string. So first aid in hysterics at the person is to keep calm and be detached. But that does not mean you have to leave and shut the door. Just emotions, it should be noted logic. To provide contrast, not to fuel the emotions of the victim. To talk. The tone should be smooth, quiet voice. Any sudden and jerky movements. Second: do not consult anything and logically don’t support it in this condition. It is not up to it. At this time, requires the participation of loved ones, a sense of intimacy. You should not discuss what is happening, when emotions are at their peak. It is better to try to switch. Talk on neutral topics. Can I ask you a question: “Yesterday’s the show like?”, “What do you want a gift for a Birthday?”. Once the tantrum is over, it will be possible to discuss the incident.

What should be the procedure to withdraw from tantrums?

First, man needs to feel protected on the physical level. To create such an atmosphere: to take the hand, hugged, or just to sit down. In stressful situations people, especially female, can be so childish: to shout, to cry, to thrash around breaking things. How to calm a baby? Right, to hold, to stroke, to soothe with words: talking should be quiet, steady voice. The conversation should be neutral, distracting. You can try to take him for a walk. Physical activity utilizes stress hormones. They lead to high blood pressure, tachycardia, excitement. When comes the calm, we should talk about what happened. This is important from the point of view of psychotherapy. To enable a person to speak, to get rid of sore to talk about what’s bothering to complain. Do not reprimand will remain an unpleasant aftertaste, which will not give sleep.

It is important not to forget about the relationship with the mental body. Mind will calm down when the body is relaxed. The methods may be different: the intake of sedative drugs, bath with pine needles, helps to relax, calm music. It’s easy to massage, and don’t need to own any special techniques. To measure blood pressure, calculate pulse and the number of respiratory movements. Every ritual and action are distracting and will give the brain a signal: “you can relax, you help.” Any actions that result in the initiation of the psyche must be excluded. In times of stress, can’t sleep. And it’s necessary. In the dream information is processed, fading emotion.

What to do if you are alone and there is someone who can help? Even the most strong-willed and sometimes hard to pull myself together.

To do you need also, only yourself. He needs all of the above actions to perform mechanically. To leave the yard. To go to the store. People will get feelings of calmness from the people he meet along the way. On the street you can see the poor who freeze in torn clothes. And maybe all the trouble, may seem not so serious. Birds that on the streets you can buy an extra loaf and feed them. In the winter they have nothing to eat, and they can die. All manifestations of altruism can help to overcome your trouble. There is always someone who is much worse at this point.


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