If the dog is in the house: useful tips to maintain the purity

If you decide to have a furry pet, a few tips on how to protect the house from wool and unexpected spots, superfluous will not be.

Якщо собака в домі: корисні поради для збереження чистоти

With the advent in the dog house a number of household problems, of course, increases. We can’t force an animal to behave as sensible as people, but we can learn to coexist on the same territory, bringing each other joy and warmth. Tell about the necessary preventive measures that will save you from hours of cleaning per lover, reports Rus.Media.

Tip # 1: Replace carpet on a universal model that can be used both in house and on the street

Put this Mat in front of the entrance to each room, under the bed, dining table and other places where it likes to lie to your dog. Special textiles will protect the floor from moisture and dirt. However, he does not require complex care – simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Another good option is carpet tiles. In case of stains that cannot be cleaned, you will not need to change the whole carpet is enough to get rid of one or two damaged squares.

Tip # 2: Choose furniture and flooring is dark in color

Shades and wenge “dark chocolate” will perfectly hide the wet spot stains from noses and wagging tails.

Tip # 3: Drizzle with feeding bowl with cooking spray

A thin layer of spray oil will create a protective layer between the food and the walls of the bowl – so it will be much easier to wash. Well, no plastic or silicone mats to protect the floor in the spot where your dog takes the food, also not enough.

Tip # 4: Buy latex gloves

Dog owners know how difficult it is to clean upholstered furniture from animal hair. But there is a simple solution – and it really works! Put on a pair of latex gloves and slide your hands along the surface of the sofa, soft chair or car seat – wool will instantly stick to the gloves. Rinse them under running water and then proceed to cleaning.

Tip # 5: Use shaving cream

You can try hundreds of different tools for removal of stains from Pets, but you know – shaving cream to cope with them better! Apply a small amount onto the soiled surface and leave for a few minutes and then rinse it with warm water.

Tip # 6: Skewers for hard to reach places

To clean hard to reach places for example corners in the bathroom or cracks between boards, use a wooden skewer with a wound on her child with a damp cloth.

Tip # 7: inlay for protection of your furniture

Lay on top of the covers inexpensive rug and decorate it with cushions of the chair. These decor items are of particular interest for our four-legged friends and protect furniture and expensive coating of fur and spots.

Choose a decor made of 100% cotton or mixture of cotton and acrylic. These fabrics are eco-friendly, durable and machine washable.

Tip # 8: the Tool for extra cleaning

Prepare the tool for extra cleaning and always keep it handy. Best with stains of organic origin it solution consisting of 1/2 part water, 1/2 part white vinegar and one drop of dishwashing detergent. It can be used to clean any surface – from the floor to the suede sofa.

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