If there is a impeachment of Donald trump, America will be hell

Если произойдёт импичмент Дональда Трампа, в Америке развернется ад

Most Americans do not realize, but just a few weeks we will witness one of the most important moments in American history. Right now the Democrats in the House of representatives are preparing a submission to the impeachment, and the vote is expected to take place before the end of this year.If the House vote for the impeachment of President trump, this will start a chain of events which nobody can control, and if the U.S. Senate decides to remove trump from his post, in America, all hell breaks loose.In the country tens of millions of very loyal supporters trump, and many of them very passionate. By itself, the impeachment trump will be a “turning point” for many of them, and if the Republican-controlled Senate would actually deprive his post, we will inevitably see a frightening explosion of righteous anger, and at that moment little can be done to reassure people. A large percentage of the population will eventually lose all of what they had, faith in the political system, and unfortunately on the streets widely deployed civil unrest.In addition, the impeachment of the President of the United States will cause havoc on wall Street. Trump warned that the stock market will collapse, and it is likely, then he’s absolutely right. Of course, the U.S. economy hurtling towards recession, so the instability on wall Street will only increase the economic problems. It is easy to imagine that the us economy will plunge into deep recession or perhaps even a full-blown depression shortly after trump will be deprived of the post. And with the extreme political chaos ruling the roost in Washington, it would be difficult to convince anyone that soon everything will change.If the Democrats could just a little patience (until November 2020), they would be able legally to remove trump.But they do not want, and now we’re heading down a path that will tear this country apart.What do you think will do left, if trump remains in the post and then won again in 2020?Needless to say, is that anger different from what we ode any previously seen in American history.On the other hand, what do you think, how to react to the supporters of trump, if it’s against the law will be impeached and removed from office before the elections?We truly are in an unprecedented condition, and is extremely difficult to understand how this story can end.That can of worms should have never been open, but now there is no turning back. According to NBC News the investigation into the impeachment was progressing rapidly, and the Democrats plan to focus the case on impeachment for “abuse of power” trump…”the Democrats of the Chamber aimed to build a case of impeachment against the President of Donald trump, which will focus on simple “abuse of power”, including the actions of the President in respect of Ukraine, according to multiple people familiar with the plan.Yet Democrats continue to take the depositions of key witnesses behind closed doors and ready to move to the next phase of public hearings, they are fighting for what elements and evidence to introduce and what to remove. The aim was to explain to the public the reasons and the ultimate weight of any of the charges for impeachment.”But is it possible to make the impeachment of the President for “abuse of power” that is not in violation of any specific laws?As a former lawyer who has studied constitutional law, I would definitely consider it unconstitutional. A withdrawal from the post of President with the use of such a pretext will create an extremely dangerous precedent.Unfortunately right now the driving force on the side of forces for impeachment. On Friday, another prominent Republican called for the impeachment…”the Former Governor of Ohio and Republican candidate 2016, John Kasich said Friday that he now advocates the impeachment of President trump.The Kasich said acting White House chief of staff Mick of Malvani recognized that between the U.S. and Ukraine was a “quid Pro quo” and that it “made me cross the Rubicon”.Of course, many may say that the Kasich not even a real Republican, and they are right.But in the end, the Kasich on the matter. Matters what I think Republicans in the U.S. Senate, as after the vote of the Chamber for the impeachment of the fate of the trump will decide they.The Democrats in the Senate only 47 seats, and need to get 67 votes to convict trump, so math seems to be for the President.But in the Senate only a few Republicans truly faithful to the Trump, so turn around may anyway.In the end, very uncomfortable to realize that one of the key votes in the Senate is “Pierre Delecto”…”In MITT Romney has a secret Twitter account, which he used to conduct his unsuccessful campaign in 2012, and now uses it to communicate with reporters and condemnation of policies with which he disagrees.Sunday night Slate revealed that 72-year-old Senator from Utah operates under the name of Pierre Delecto with @qaws9876 in his hidden Twitter account, which he, by his own admission, is used as a “spy” on the social media site”.As Delecto Romney often used “likes” to promote tweets against trump…”And if that wasn’t bad, Romney used “like” in his account of Pierre Delecto to remember the tweets that made his heart sing: tweets with trump’s accusation of fraud with the children sick with cancer, calling on the introduction of the 25th Amendment to remove trump from the post and attacking newt Ginrich for the impeachment of bill Clinton, while lying to his own wife.”Of course, Democrats will need more than just MITT Romney, to remove trump from the post, and no doubt there are other Senate Republicans who do not like trump.In fact, the strategist, the Grand Old Party Mike Murphy argues that the 30 Republicans in the Senate would have voted for the prosecution of the trump, if the vote was secret.But how many of them wish to make it public?View.The Washington elite like to keep the Congress men and women that are somehow compromised, because it’s so much easier to “convince” them to vote a certain way, when it’s a critical moment.In the end, I don’t know if the forces behind the impeachment to get 67 votes, but if I were President trump, I would definitely now cold sweat.

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