If two people are meant to be together, they will find each other again

Если двум людям суждено быть вместе, они найдут друг друга вновь

It’s hard to describe. But very long it seemed that I was missing some vital part of me. I woke up and tossed and turned after another dream in which I met you. I lay there thinking about the things I did wrong.

Your sweater that you gave me, lay untouched in the closet, but I’m never going to throw it away. Your favorite book gathering dust on the shelf. Our photo on the fridge has already begun to fade in the sun as we are.

A place that once was ours, now have already seen a lot of other guys. But I always asked that they don’t sit where you sat the first time.

I still have foods that remind me of you, because you first caused me to try them.

There is still a beer that I drink with you in his fantasies because it was your favorite.

Your name is no longer mentioned in conversations. People stopped asking about you. Everyone except me.

And every birthday I thought, to write or to phone you, but was afraid of what I know. I was afraid to find out that you didn’t miss me.

We haven’t had in social networks, but we still have in my memory. And when I fill these thoughts, I feel empty.

Because you took part of me with him when he left.

You didn’t know, but every Sunday I prayed to God to have you back. I wondered if we’re meant to be together?

“When someone is in your heart, it never entirely goes away. He may even return at the wrong time”.

It has been 5 years. 5 years, and I still look in the mirror and see you. See the own hand, what you made me by his love, you taught me that you meant to me. Because of you I became another. And if you removed me, you would see there a piece of yourself.

My life went on.

And then it happened. Your name appeared on my phone like I always wanted. It was a delight, fear and unbelief.

You’re back. A small conversation turned into plans. I spent three hours going in front of a mirror before meeting with you. A million questions swarmed in my head, but somehow the answers I was unimportant. The only thing that matters is that you’re back. We’re back.

No matter what others said. The important thing is that you were here.

When I saw you, I felt, got back a part of me. Now my heart was whole.

After all, you taught me that true love does not disappear with time. It is strong enough to overcome time, circumstances and separation. You gave me something to believe in. And I didn’t give up. I never stopped believing that you’ll find your way back to me.

I look at you now, and people say that I’m happier. And it’s true: I am the most happy when you’re near me. We were meant to be together!

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