If you have these symptoms, be sure to seek medical attention

Если у вас эти симптомы, обязательно обратитесь за медицинской помощью

We continue to talk about the symptoms that can be a “red flag” for severe disease.

We highly recommend you to seek medical help if you have:

Blood in the urine
If you have blood in your urine and you also feel the pain on your side or back, you may have kidney stones. Kidney stone is a small crystal of minerals and salts that forms in your kidney and travels through a tube that carries your urine.

For a more accurate diagnosis, the doctor prescribes x-ray analysis, or ultrasound, which allow to visualize the stones.

If the stone passes through the urinary tract, patients do not pay attention to the color of the urine, and in his own pain: the pain of renal colic is considered one of the strongest. This condition requires medical treatment and further action against the stone.

If you see blood in the urine, and you also have frequent urination, and if you feel burning and soreness during this process, it is likely that this may be a severe infection of the bladder.

Sometimes the urine comes blood changed — then it will be in the form of slop. Such urine is observed in patients with glomerulonephritis — inflammation of the filtration apparatus of the kidney. The glomerulonephritis often accompanied by swelling and increased blood pressure.

The presence of blood in the urine for a long time and without any painful syndrome may indicate malignant neoplastic disease.

This is clearly audible when the patient exhales, but in severe cases it can be heard when you inhale. This is caused by narrowing of the Airways or inflammation.

Even intuitively clear that the breathing problems to anything good will not, and the slightest violation, you should seek necessary medical care — available tools may not be. Or you could just not make it.

This can be a symptom of an asthmatic attack, exacerbation of chronic nonspecific lung diseases, severe allergies or exposure to chemicals. Each of these States requires immediate intervention.

In the treatment of this condition is pursued two objectives. First, open the Airways fast-acting means. For example, bronchodilators are often used to treat wheezing and cough relief. They work by relaxing the smooth muscle in the wall structure of the Airways.

Secondly, it is necessary to control inflammation in the Airways. Prescription anti-inflammatory medications can decrease inflammation and excess mucus in the respiratory tract. They are usually prescribed in the form of inhalers, but are also available in the form of tablets prolonged action. Syrups are used for young children.

Suicidal thoughts
This issue somehow been overlooked, but it’s so important. Also very little attention given to depression over exaggerated popularization of the term.

Depression is not when it is “all right with” and “tokovenko”. This is when the observed inhibition of intellectual activity from the distortion of thinking, accompanied by motor retardation. Sometimes motor block switches to another face, becoming overactive, while negative thinking is not going away. This state is called ajitirovanne depression, and it is characterized by a very high rate of suicide attempt patients.

Remember that by itself must be treated carefully and to notice any danger signs in the beginning, to avoid further, and sometimes fatal, events.


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