If you want to get married this year, then stick to certain rules

Relax and live an interesting, busy life, then men will be attracted to you!

Якщо ви хочете вийти заміж вже в цьому році, тоді дотримуйтесь певних правил

Not to compromise

If the person is constantly rude, rude, lying, no good, making other inappropriate behavior, forget about it immediately. Do not convince yourself and think that he will change. Or: “sterpitsya – slyubitsya”. Another popular explanation: “I was with the good guys boring.” If you like, when you are humiliated and used, it is better to seek help from a psychologist. This should not be the norm for you, informs Rus.Media.

Sounds a little dry, but when you choose a man for marriage, you need to decide on some criteria. First, do you share common values: family, religious, social? Secondly, do you feel with this man is comfortable and safe? You don’t have to suffer and change themselves. Third – do you feel the gravity between them? If you just think that he’s a good man and a great family man, is not a reason to flee to the Registrar.

Make a list

Just do not say that you have not once made a list of qualities that should be possessed by your potential mate. Most likely, you thought about the color of his eyes, an unusual sense of humor and a prestigious job. Go down to the ground. Does it somehow affect your happiness? Think about its real quality. Kind, gentle, affectionate, intelligent, with whom it is interesting to live every day. Every woman, of course, his idea of the perfect man.


If you have a husband, and you are constantly angry at him, relax. Your accusations, nitpicking, scandals will not change it and not turn into what you want it to be. Remember: people don’t change. It is better to honestly ask yourself the question: “Do you want to spend your life with a man, if he will remain such as now (and it will remain so!)?”

Or eager to please

The desire to please man in all things, as a rule, be so pure and naive. It is always a little manipulation. I’ll be his pink and fluffy – and he’ll do all that I want. Think of all that you do for him, it’s from the heart, or to something to earn? Think about it, it is very important.

Not to be on hormones

If the sight of a man, you have dark eyes, knees weak and heart skips, it is most likely not the man you should marry. It’s just your hungry hormones. And the man simply passed by. Before marriage and love is necessary, not strange, to come up with a cold mind.

Enjoy life

Not worth all my free time and thought to devote to the hunt for the men. It will turn you into maniacco. Who wants to connect his life? Only the same poor creature. Better relax and live an interesting, busy life, then men will be attracted to you!