If your partner does these 12 things, it will not change

Если ваш партнер делает эти 12 вещей, он вам не изменяет

  1. He’s not acting weird about their phone. If he asks you to see who texted him or called and you know the access code to his smartphone, he has nothing to hide from you.
  2. He respects you. During quarrels he never insults you and talks to you like a child. If he’s in a good mood or bad, he treats you as an equal.
  3. He never crosses the line. He doesn’t flirt with the waitress when you’re out to dinner. He doesn’t comment on how good your friend. All his attention focused on you.
  4. He demonstrates self-control. When he is angry, lonely, or agitated, he does not commit impulsive acts about which later regret. He thinks before acting.
  5. It lets you know where he is and what he’s doing.He never leaves without telling you where he goes or who he’s with. It is not stated to you in the middle of the night without explanation. He keeps you updated, so you never have to worry.
  6. He avoids compromising situations. When his ex was desperate to get him, he deleted her contact from my phone. When his friends went to a strip club, he told them that he needed to return home. He gets in a similar situation out of respect for you and your relationship.
  7. He tells you everything. You hear detailed stories about all his friends and colleagues. That’s why you never see a strange new woman’s name on his mobile – you just know everyone he knows.
  8. He fulfills all of his promises. If he says that in the summer you will travel, you will definitely go on vacation together. If he says that he would come home at eight, it will be in time. It is reliable. A man of my word.
  9. He has a strong friendship. The people with whom he is close, will die for him. He treats them with kindness and respect, which is a good indicator that it will also apply to you.
  10. He’s not the one who’s lying. He never lies to you, even when it is something hard to say, it is expressed. He is not silent about and nothing to conceal from you.
  11. Nothing extraordinary happens. You have never found another lipstick in his car, or a Dating application on his phone. Have you ever heard gossip about him from friends or warnings from your friends. You have no reason for concern.
  12. You just feel that everything is in order. You know he’s a decent man and will not hurt you. You trust him with all my heart.
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