Igor TSIGANYK: “IN Spain I understand that the story Zozulya paid for”

Игорь ЦЫГАНЫК: «В Испании понимают, что история с Зозулей проплачена»

Journalist Igor Tsiganyk shared their information on the conflict of Roman Zozulya with the fans of Rayo Vallecano:

“I spoke with Zozulya. The conversation realized that deliberately does everything, knows why it does, and what’s really going on.

Players Albacete, knowing about the difficult relationship Zozulya with the fans “Rayo”, supported Zozulya before leaving for the match. Said will, in any case for Roma. If there are insults, they will defend it.

Zozulya said that the current team in “Albacete” reminded him of the one that was in Dnipro, where everything was for each other.

Roma are very pleased that in Spain a lot of people realize that this story paid. This propaganda story is not against one person but against the Ukrainian, who will defend their country. Also understands himself Zozulya.

From zozuli is in plans to go public, perhaps with a press conference to voice their thoughts about it. People in Spain absolutely do not understand in our reality, they need to explain.

He wrote Juande Ramos with words of support and said that Roma now in the heart of Spanish football”.

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