IKEA decided to open a plant in the Lviv region

ИКЕA передумала открывать завод на Львовщине

IKEA will not open a factory for wood processing in the Lviv region, reports Tvoemisto.tv with reference to the head of the Department for investment policy of the Lviv regional administration Roman Mathis.

“This will not take place. I’m not saying that it is impossible in principle. IKEA will, but not today. She has other problems. The Ukrainian business is not ready to be a partner,” he said.

“World-class companies have requirements to partners: the quality of the workplace, the attitude of the employees. Many Ukrainian companies do not even think about the fact that they will ask me if their workers eat or work schedule — 8 hours. If there is no compliance, IKEA says: you can’t be our partner. You imagine what is happening in the timber industry of Lviv? There are industries that can be called exemplary, but unfortunately, most of them with foreign investments,” said Mathis.

According to him, IKEA will be able to enter the Ukrainian market if it Matures and is ready to become a partner.

In 2017, the Lviv regional state administration appealed to the company “IKEA” with the offer to open on the territory of Lviv factory for wood processing.

Later, the Swedish chain has confirmed the intention to enter the market of Ukraine. Then it was about opening a store in one of shopping centers of Kiev. In 2018, the authorities also probely talks with a production unit of the Corporation.

In July of this year, IKEA has launched a website for Ukraine and began to recruit staff. Open city format store in Kiev plan at the end of 2019.

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