IKEA forced his employees to work

IKEA forçait ses employés à travailler

The Swedish giant IKEA is flip-flopping and not force the end, not its québec employees to get to work if they are afraid of contracting the COVID-19, following the publication of an article in the Journal.

In full pandemic, IKEA Canada required the past two weeks that his thousands of employees in quebec, show up at work in order to respond to the wave of purchases that floods his internet site. Employees who refused were threatened with reprisals by the employer.

The manufacturer of Swedish furniture, has closed last week the doors of its three stores in quebec, but the online orders were coming. They were to be picked up at the store.

“I don’t understand how we can stay open. There is a consensus that global governments are asking the population to stay home, and we must get out to [sell] cushion covers ? Each time an employee takes the subway [or] frequent his place of work, it puts it at risk. Many of us live with young children, people with compromised immune systems or with our parents who are 70 years old “, wrote Benoit Pelletier, president of the union of the IKEA Montreal, in a letter sent Tuesday to the president of IKEA Canada, Michael Ward.

As IKEA refuses to put its employees on a temporary layoff, they have to choose between returning to work for a wage or stay home and forgo their pay. Impossible for them to reach the employment insurance, summarized it.


IKEA is finally back on its decision yesterday evening, after The Newspaper had published an article on this subject.

“After mature reflection, IKEA has decided to temporarily suspend its service to the pick up from the end of the day Wednesday, march 25,” wrote the spokeswoman Kristin Newbigging in an e-mail.

The staff will be paid for the hours that were previously scheduled, or around the next four weeks, she said.