Ile-de-France: what innovations in public transport in 2021?

    Ile-de-France: what innovations in public transport in 2021?

    Extension of existing lines, enhanced accessibility, new services in stations … The year 2021 will rhyme with new developments for public transport in the Ile-de-#France region. Overview of upcoming projects.

    The only downside, the hole in the fund caused by the health situation and the desertion of some of the Ile-de-#France subscribers, who are only around 65% to continue to use public transport. At the end of 2020, Ile-de-#France Mobilités already estimated at one billion its revenue loss to come in 2021 because of the coronavirus, which will be added to the 2.24 billion in 2020.

    There was no question of slowing down the pace of investment, while Valérie Pécresse had promised to make the “transport revolution”. To make up for the losses, the president of the region and Ile-de-#France Mobilités, even says that she “fought like a lioness” with the State to reach a financial agreement. Here are the major projects still in the works:

    The extension of line 4

    The commissioning of line 4 – which must be extended to the south of Paris – was rescheduled at the end of 2021, following several months of delay on the site. In total, 1.8 km will be added to the line, in order to serve two new stations: in Montrouge and Bagneux (92).


    Already available on Android, the Vianavigo application will be available from February on Iphone. No need for a card to buy and validate your ticket, the smartphone is enough. And all transport tickets – t + ticket books, Navigo day, week or month passes or even special tickets (Navigo young weekends, pollution control pass, etc.) – will thus be offered for purchase.

    New trainsets on the RER B

    With almost two years of delay, the renovated MI84 trainsets continue to be deployed on the RER B. About ten should be delivered during the year 2021. Better equipped, these trains mainly go from 216 to 312 seats, and are more comfortable, with refrigerated ventilation and equipped with a space for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

    better network accessibility

    In a few weeks, the RATP must unveil a new plan of its network adapted to people with disabilities, and more generally to people with reduced mobility. A map in Braille, mentioning the entire network will also be published, intended for blind people.

    In addition, those accompanying people with disabilities and more particularly those holding a mobility inclusion card (CMI) will now pay half the price. And may even be exempt from payment if the IJC includes the mention “need for support”.

    Paris TGI finally served

    This is good news for the nearly 2,000 people who work at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris and in the district: the Porte de Clichy station (17th district) should open to the public during the month of January 2021, after the inauguration. the extension of line 14 in mid-#December.

    New services in stations

    Building on the success of the first two nurseries installed in the station of Dammartin Juilly Saint-#Mard (77) and that of Villiers Neauphle Pontchartrain (78), Ile-de-#France Mobilités has announced that the project will be renewed near the Nanteuil-#Saâcy stations ( 77), Verneuil-L’#Etang (77), Etampes (91) and L’Isle-#Adam-#Parmain (95).

    In addition, four other stations, now closed, are being renovated to accommodate agricultural cooperatives or a sports club for example. In total, Ile-de-#France Mobilités has identified 160 Ile-de-#France stations where new services could be developed.

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