I’m not here: what gives you insecure person

Меня здесь нет: что выдает в вас неуверенного в себе человека 

We will explain what negative signals you are to others, and how to raise samoocenkoi probably noticed that successful people are usually confident. Without this quality it is impossible to move up the career ladder, to attract the attention of men of their dreams and live the way you want. And in most cases we serve the interlocutor signals about my hesitation, not even knowing about it. We tried to find out what it is that gives us, and how to deal with self-doubt.You are doing the compliments that can’t apply to themselves”You are so beautiful in this jacket! I would be never found in the store, because I have no taste,” you say friend, in your opinion, making her a compliment, although you are actually self-critique. Have a sure person a kind of compliment would only cause resentment. Another scenario: people will revel in your uncertainty, thereby reinforcing your self-esteem. So stop the “eat” and to criticize myself, that will gladly take the other.You reply, waiting for the end of voprosova companion didn’t even finish the thought, and you’re ready to give an answer, not even thinking about it. As a rule, this sin, people who do not know how to refuse. Man avoids pauses in panic for fear that the other person thinks about it something. Not surprisingly, this approach leads to trouble and regrets on the part of an insecure individual. Always give yourself time to think, you don’t have to instantly give an answer.Silence during a conversation causes discomfortableness man is hard to withstand a pause, he immediately began to insert irrelevant comments, to cough or to give platitudes, just to break the silence.Psychologists advise in such a situation to pull yourself together first and foremost to calm down. Remember that you are talking with another person who is a party to the conversation, so why do you take all the “blame” on yourself? Learn to share the responsibility for communication with the person and stop looking for the cause in itself.You are ulybaeshsya facial expression instantly will give your tension. Of course, you need to understand when a smile would be appropriate, but people with low self-esteem most of the time focused and Sarny, especially when you find yourself in an awkward situation. Try to keep a light smile, which signals that you are not so easy to derail.”Running” uskladnenie in a man usually can’t bring myself to look in the eyes: his eyes or staring into the distance, or “runs” on items around. Lack of eye contact does not have to communicate, no wonder almost all business coaches suggest first to train a confident look that will give the other person a belief that such a person as you, you can deal with.

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