“I’m still young” -Jacques Villeneuve

«Je suis encore jeune» -Jacques Villeneuve

It is no surprise that Jacques Villeneuve has learned, Tuesday, that the Grand Prix of Canada, scheduled for 14 June at the circuit which bears the name of his father, had been postponed to a later date.

The F1 world champion in 1997 expected, and he reiterated the comments that he had said a few weeks ago to the representative of the Journal.

“The peak of the pandemic, you have not yet reached, he said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. It was predictable that the race in Montreal is postponed. I find it hard to imagine that all the activities on F1 are going to start again before September. “

So far, the first nine steps of 2020 have been cancelled or shifted due to the COVID-19. The Grand Prix of France (28 June), Austria (5 July) and Great Britain (July 19) is compromised seriously.

The coconut… shaved

Villeneuve lives in isolation for several weeks at his residence located in the suburbs of Milan.

“We can go out for basic needs, such as at home, moreover, he pointed out. Here, in Italy, the restraint measures have been strengthened recently when it was thought that the situation was improving. I get out of the house to the bare minimum. So well that I shaved my head. It gets more and more complicated. We can no longer go to the hairdresser…”

But hey, pandemic or not, this is not the first time that the world champion Formula 1 in 1997 chose to shave the coconut.

Thursday, 9 April, Villeneuve celebrates 49 years of age without the presence of members of his immediate family. His two youngest sons are with their mother in Brazil, while the two oldest are staying currently in Quebec with his first wife.

The sting

Villeneuve was embarking on his second season full-time in the NASCAR Euro at the end of the month in Valencia, Spain.

“Yes, I am 49 years old, he told, but I’m still young. I am looking forward to getting to 50. The important thing is to fly. The sting is still there and will be for a long time. “

In addition to the two races in Valencia, the agreed stopping place in Brands Hatch, England, on June 6 and 7, have also been deferred to a later date.

“It is now expected to begin the season at Most in the Czech Republic on 20 and 21 June, but it seems to me a little early” to claim in Villeneuve.

Analyst Grand Prix F1 for the French network Canal +, Villeneuve has made no secret that he will have to make the impasse on some of the races this fall.

“Tv is my bread and butter, he said. We live in an exceptional situation. I will have to make choices.”

The memory of 1997

Formula 1, history, to revive the interest of its fans during the pandemic, broadcasts on its website of the events marking its history. After Brazil in 2016, Monaco in 1996 and the very exciting stopover in Bahrain in 2014, the European Grand Prix, played in Spain, there are nearly 23 years old, was presented on Wednesday.

This Sunday, October 26, 1997, the circuit of Jerez de la Frontera, Villeneuve became the first canadian driver to be crowned world champion.

“It is sure that this is a moment that will be forever etched in my memory, he said at the end of the wire. I don’t think about all the achievements, but primarily due to the recognition of people.

“I will never forget this reception at the Molson Centre in Montreal, and then, a few weeks later, this game of the Canadian, where I was introduced to the public. I was sincerely touched. “

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