[IMAGES] Argentina: a mutiny in a prison after the confirmation of a case of COVID-19

[EN IMAGES] Argentine: mutinerie dans une prison après la confirmation d’un cas de COVID-19

Buenos Aires | dozens of prisoners from a prison in Buenos Aires are mutinés Friday, calling for emergency measures after the confirmation of a case of COVID-19 among the supervisors.

The security forces were deployed around the prison of Villa Devoto, which is home to approximately 2200 inmates, while explosions were heard inside the prison, found the AFP.

A group of prisoners managed to climb on the roof of the prison, and from there, to launch projectiles on the team of prison security that attempts to contain the riot.

The prisoners are demanding the presence of a judge and of the sanitary emergency after a positive case to the COVID-19 has been confirmed in a monitor.

“We refuse to die in prison “, could we read on a banner aloft from the roof of the building.

Among other claims, the prisoners asked that are implemented in release proceedings that were underway prior to the onset of the health crisis.

Other riots took place last week in several prisons in Argentina, one in Florencio Varela, province of Buenos Aires, which resulted in the death of a prisoner, and about twenty wounded.

Since 20 march, Argentina has established a containment mandatory on all its territory to try to curb the spread of the epidemic of coronavirus. The country has recorded 3423 case of COVID-19, including 167 deaths.

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