[IMAGES] Event, and court victory for opponents of the containment in the United States

[EN IMAGES] Manifestation et victoire judiciaire pour les opposants au confinement aux États-Unis

Opponents of the containment demonstrated on Thursday in Lansing, Michigan, now with the Wisconsin neighbor a hot point of the debate on the reopening of the u.s. economy in spite of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

These two States, mostly conservative, but whose governors are democrats, are also the subject of a bitter battle for the November presidential election, Donald Trump intends to remove as it had done in 2016.

The republican president, who is promoting a quick recovery of the economy to save the country from the crisis, has won a political victory on Wednesday night in Wisconsin, which the supreme Court has invalidated the order of containment taken by the democratic administration local

In Michigan, dozens of people gathered Thursday morning in Lansing despite the drizzle in front of the entrance of the Capitol, the seat of the Parliament of that State to the north of the country, and symbolically blocked with a banner ” Freedom !!! “. The building had been closed in anticipation of the event.

At least a dozen protesters dressed dressed in camouflage, wearing weapons, according to a photographer from the AFP on the spot.

Others carried american flags and signs denouncing the governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has extended the containment measures until may 28.

This is the third time that protesters, sometimes armed, are coming together to demand an end to the confinement in Michigan, which has recorded more than 4700 deaths COVID-19, according to data from the Johns Hopkins university.

Some 3,000 persons had demonstrated on April 15 in the quiet, in Lansing, to the call of a coalition of conservative groups called ” The people of Michigan against the quarantine excessive.”

Two weeks later, the confrontation had become more tense when protesters armed had entered the Capitol building to demand an easing of the measures put in place to combat the spread of the Covid-19.

“The wild west”

The events for the reopening of the u.s. economy have multiplied in the country for a month, was encouraged by the president Donald Trump, who has estimated that some governors had “gone too far” in the restrictions.

He was particularly taken with Ms. Whitmer, whose management of the crisis, however, is welcomed by a majority of the inhabitants of this State won narrowly by Mr Trump in 2016.

“Michigan is a State of about 10 million inhabitants, and the vast majority of the population do what it takes “, has defended Wednesday on ABC the governor.

It denounced “political rallies” and ” calls for violence “, while “Michigan is certainly in play in the election,” presidential election of November.

Further to the east, Wisconsin is also a State pivot where Donald Trump had won narrowly four years ago.

The supreme Court of that State, embraced by elected republicans, has cancelled Wednesday the extension of the containment and the closure of the shops decided upon by the administration of democratic governor Tony Evers.

The Court held that the measure of extension taken by the Health secretary Andrea Palm was “illegal” because it “exceeds the regulatory authority” which it has.

Donald Trump has welcomed Thursday morning a “victory” in Wisconsin. “Its democratic governor has been forced by the courts to leave the State open,” he said on Twitter. “The population wants to continue to live. The place is full of life! “, he added.

Tony Evers has regretted a decision that plunges his State ” in the chaos, putting public health and lives in grave danger.” Wisconsin has recorded so far 421 deaths COVID-19.

“It’s the wild wild west “, has he lamented on CNN Wednesday night, when the bars have re-opened their doors in several towns and cities just after the decision of the court.

On the social networks, we could see shots of crowded bars of customers not wearing masks.

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