[IMAGES] Matt Lang électrise the bay of Beauport: the country was in the spotlight Thursday evening

[EN IMAGES] Matt Lang électrise la baie de Beauport: le country était à l’honneur jeudi soir

Of cowboy hats, line dancing, fans standing in the boxes of “pick-up”: there is no doubt, the bay of Beauport belonged to the country on Thursday evening.

We should not under-estimate the power gatherer in the new country, which the young generation is adept at. After the storm, Roxane Bruneau yesterday, the musi-park on the outskirts of the river has been the theatre for another evening of devilishly festive with Matt Lang, who is used to fill and make up rooms wherever he goes.

And last night was no exception, despite the particular context. He gave one of the most popular shows of the tour, TD Musiparc in Quebec city, with 250 cars.

The rallying effect of the new country, is felt as soon as we set foot on the site. Arrived early, the young spectators were coming in, “gang”, forming many crowding on the site.

If the younger generation loves the sound of modern new country, no question of divesting of boots and cowboy hats. The traditions remain entrenched, even the line dances, which began on the ground over an hour before the beginning of the show, while the music was already playing at full volume in the car.

On the outside of cars

Yesterday, the pandemic seemed to belong to the past. For the first time since that we assist to this tour, the screams between songs were much more numerous than the horns, proof that very few people remained seated quietly in the car, preferring to dance cheerfully between them.

There was already a mood before the show, so imagine when Matt Lang and his three musicians began with the new song line dance, Getcha, the last extract from his most recent album released a few weeks ago.

“It makes me feel good to see the world, finally!” exclaimed the singer, bon vivant and charismatic, who proudly wore his cut mullet containment.

Between the pieces of his first EP, Matt Lang had taken care to integrate the pieces of the most rhythmic of his latest effort, which Water Down The Whiskey, Better When I Drink and Woke Up Like This.

The party has experienced a small lull when the line dances were replaced by “slows” on the languorous Tennessee Whiskey, a traditional recovery that he takes with dignity.

Matt Lang has also borrowed the heart-wrenching She Don t Love You Eric Paslay, the moment of a beautiful moment acoustic, where he recounted his early days, before the big feast country ends in good and due form.

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