[IMAGES] search for Carpentier: strong police presence in Saint-Apollinaire

[EN IMAGES] Traque de Carpentier: forte présence policière à Saint-Apollinaire

The Sûreté du Québec reinforces drastically its staff to locate Martin Carpentier while it is day, and night, Friday morning, at the post of command of the police in Saint-Apollinaire.

The numbers have probably tripled compared to Thursday, according to what we can observe, in the man-hunt to locate Martin Carpentier, suspected of the abduction of his deceased daughters Romy and Norah.

  • Listen to the interview of the reporter from TVA Nouvelles Valerie Chouinard with Caroline St-Hilaire at QUB Radio:

There are clearly a lot more patrollers. The canine unit has also been enhanced and there are six tracking dogs. The protective agents of the wildlife are also reinforcing, with their all-terrain vehicles.

The emergency response team also keeps ready to intervene if necessary.

Under a rain, sometimes torrential, teams will disperse in an area considered “sensitive” located in the wooded area which is studied since the beginning of the case in Saint-Apollinaire, looking for “additional information”.

They revisit chalets and other types of addictions, in search of new clues.

The police insisted : she must visit all the cabins and buildings that there are in the perimeter.

The owners who are outside of the region and who have not had the chance to go and inspect their property should call it to allow a police officer to make checks in their place.

The local population must be on the lookout for traces of tampering or missing items like food or clothing that could have served to Carpentier in his flight. The people of the RCM of Lotbinière and surrounding area should also open the eye.

It is known that the SQ was found, Wednesday evening, of the survey items demonstrating that the suspect has hidden and stocked in a trailer, at a time not specified of his mare.

According to the main hypothesis, Carpentier would therefore still alive, and would seek “to ensure its survival and to hide”.

Carpentier is on the run now for nearly nine days.

More details to come…

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