Immigrants crazy ice skating

Des immigrants fous du patin à glace

When a community agency in Sainte-Foy, has launched a activity of ice skating to newcomers at the beginning of the winter, he planned a modest participation from its immediate neighbourhood.

The reality is quite different. “It has grown exponentially and it is so much better. It was full, full, full of people. Last Saturday, we had upwards of 60 people!” welcomes the director-general of Resource Space Families, Cindy-Lee McKenzie.

Ice skating rink open to all

Every Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon, the rink of the recreation Centre Notre-Dame-De-Foy is open to all those who want to learn and socialize around the sport darling of Quebec.

The session is so popular that it attracts people from Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval or in Limoilou. Some of the participants had never dared to approach a skid, even if they arrived years ago in Quebec.

“We have as many adults as children, it is wonderful. One of the elders, and even Quebec. The vast majority [of people] have never skated in their life,” said Ms. McKenzie. “Now they can do so safely, under the supervision of volunteers. They are ready even skates.”

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