Impact: Clement Diop is ready “anytime”

Impact: Clément Diop est prêt «n'importe quand»

Containment requires, the days of the keeper of the Impact de Montréal Clément Diop, like those of the vast majority of professional athletes who are forced to break, are rather routine.

In an interview with TVA Sports, Diop wanted to explain what looked like his last weeks.

“In fact, it is often the same thing! I get up in the morning and I’m going to run with Shamit Shome. In the afternoon, it is more quiet. Before dinner, I’ll do a second training session with Shamit, and then I rest in the evening.”

When asked whether he had helped Shome in his academic career (he just has to get a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering), Diop responded in the negative.

“Not at all!” he replied, laughing.

“I help him with his French. He made a lot of progress. I’m sure he will be able to give you an interview in French coming soon…”

Option Orlando

Currently, the latest news suggest that a return to the game in the MLS will go through the general localization of all the configurations of the circuit in Orlando.

That think the doorman of this option?

“There are some players who have families for which it can be more difficult. But when one is in a situation like mine, I can go to play anytime. There is no problem.”

If several analysts have indicated that three weeks would be needed to the players so that they find their form the match (before a return), Diop is not really of that opinion.

“We all know that it would take more than three weeks for a team to regain its optimal level. But we know that we will not have more than three weeks of preparation. Our work since the beginning of the confinement, it was to stay in shape to be ready to play as quickly as possible.”

“Of course, everybody wants back on the field. But it must be done in a safe way.”

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