Impact: “It looked good,” laments Samuel Piette

Impact: «Ça regardait bien», se désole Samuel Piette

The Quebec Samuel Piette acknowledges that at a sporting level, this crisis of the COVID-19 is coming to break a momentum, on which was the Montreal Impact.

“This situation came at a bad time for us,” underlined the midfielder, on Saturday, during the emission Salut Bonjour Weekend on TVA. We were in for a good time, a good start to the season. Yes, we had played only two matches, but with the champions League, it looked from our side. It is unfortunate, but this is not something that we control.”

The Impact knew indeed a great start to the season 2020 in the Major League Soccer thanks to a victory in the face of the Revolution from New England and a draw snatched from the FC Dallas. In addition, the home side had reached the quarter-finals of the champions League CONCACAF.

But the pandemic of sars coronavirus is come to thwart the plans of Thierry Henry and his band.

“I think that having had a good start to the season in order to recovery, there will be even more motivated to continue so that the momentum will continue”, added, however, Piette.

An affected employee

Recently, it has been announced that an employee of the Impact had been tested positive to the COVID-19; a new one that has more or less surprised, or upset the Quebecers.

“It has been learned by one of our physiotherapists who has sent us a message before it so publicly, said the one who will become a dad soon. We don’t know who it was and I think that it is not to our advantage to know. Everyone is treated equally. Apparently, the person who has contracted the virus has not infected other people. Everyone is healthy other than that, it is the good news.

“At the same time, these are the things that happen. The virus makes havoc everywhere so it is normal that sooner or later, someone was going to be reached unfortunately.”

A month and a half still…

The MLS will not resume its activities before the 8th of June, which still leaves a good month and a half break. Piette hopes that this time, the date will be good.

“I hope so, and I remain positive in the face of this situation, said Piette. The good thing is that we, unlike hockey, it is the beginning of the season so you always have the chance to catch up with these games.”

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