Impact: Patrice Bernier remembers his exit from dream

Impact: Patrice Bernier se souvient de sa sortie de rêve

Nearly two and a half years after playing his last game of professional soccer, former captain of the Montreal Impact Patrice Bernier should still have to pinch ourselves to believe that it was not a dream.

The 22 October 2017, the Quebecers scored the first goal of his own in a reversal of 3 to 2 against the Revolution from New England at Stade Saputo. This match will also be shown on TVA Sports, on Sunday.

“It is a nice souvenir. I’ve scored my goal and my parents were behind the net and they had to ring the bell, recalled Bernier during a phone interview. My parents have always supported. They have spent hours walking around the field in the field.”

“I’ve had the chance to live out my last moments with them, he continued, with emotion. If I had been able to write the history of this game, it would have been that. I wanted my parents to live with me and I had the chance.”

The retirement of Bernier was not a surprise for anyone. The midfielder had taken and announced its decision before the first game of the Major League Soccer will be played that season.

Bernier has been unable to hold back her tears when it was removed from the game and ovationné in the 81st minute.

“For me it was the end, there was no tomorrow, expressed the native of Brossard. The little guy of 4 years who dreamed of being a soccer player is ultimately become professional and it was the end of that dream. I had to wake up and become a normal person.”

A smooth transition

Sometimes, it is extremely difficult for a professional athlete to move on to something else. Bernier, however, has not lived this stage is difficult, because it remained in the world of soccer.

“You never know how it will be when you stop, he said. To have spoken with several elders, and they told me that it must really not be that all of a sudden you cannot do anything more.”

“With the Academy [of the Impact] and as an ambassador of the club, I’ve been much more busy than when I was playing. So I never had the time to put my decision into question. […] I stayed in soccer, so my transition has been smooth,” added the one who is now one of the assistant coaches of Thierry Henry with the first team.

No time to get bored

In containment for the past five weeks, one would think that Bernier is the long time and that he is eager to resume the job with the Impact. Yet, the father of three children aged 8, 6 and 2 and a half years has the impression that the last few weeks have past in a gust of wind.

“When you have three kids, the time goes quite quickly, he said. It is necessary to keep them occupied and stimulated. I am very lucky to have a wife who is a teacher by training, so we are able to continue to provide moments of schools in the morning and activities in the afternoon.”

“We spend quality time and you should take advantage of”, has wisely noted Bernier.

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