Imprisoned for a book on Donald Trump? A judge frees an ex-lawyer the president

Emprisonné pour un livre sur Donald Trump? Un juge libère l’ex-avocat du président

New York | A federal judge ordered on Thursday the release of former lawyer and man of confidence of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, returned to prison because he wrote a book, very critical of the president.

Sentenced in December 2018 to three years in prison, in particular to have bought the silence of two former lovers allegedly of Donald Trump, the lawyer for 53-year-old had been placed in detention in may 2019.

He had then been released last may 21, a federal judge recognizing that his medical history were a person at risk for complications in the event of contamination to the coronavirus.

He was to carry out the balance of his sentence at his home in Manhattan, until his term, at the end of November 2021.

On 9 July, it has, nevertheless, been imprisoned again, on the grounds that it had ” rejected the conditions of his house arrest “, had pointed to the federal Bureau of prisons, without more of precision.

According to his advisor, the lawyer Lanny Davis, the enforcement of the sentence had conditioned the possibility of making his or her sentence at home with the prohibition to write a book.

Gold the old man Donald Trump is working on a book project on the president, according to Lanny Davis.

The main organisation for the defence of human rights in the United States, the ACLU, seized Monday the justice with Michael Cohen to challenge this detention.

The association posed the question of ” whether the government (could), in the respect of the Constitution, revoke the release of a prisoner on the grounds that it(had) not waived his right to criticize the president “.

Such a condition, “which would benefit personally to a president candidate to his re-election (would) undermine the rule of law in a manner unprecedented in the history of this country,” argued Lawyers Defending American Democracy, another organization in support of the ACLU in the procedure.

An interlocutory Thursday, the federal judge of Manhattan Alvin Hellerstein has ordered the release of Michael Cohen Friday.

He called “retaliation” the decision to refer a lawyer in prison, according to statements at the hearing cited by the New York Times.

The book, “very unflattering to the president of the United States,” according to the subpoena, is expected to be published before the next presidential election, scheduled for 3 November.

The book refers to the ” words of anti-semitic held by Donald Trump, speaking of jewish figures as well as reflections of racist to talk about Barack Obama or Nelson Mandela “, according to the same document.

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