Improper diet and arthritis are interrelated

Неправильное питание и артрит взаимосвязаны

Junk food can aggravate the progression of arthritis and pain in joints, warn scientists from the Medical center of the University of Rochester. The study shows that bacteria in the gut, apparently, are the driving force behind the inflammation that leads to painful wear and tear of the bones in the overweight people.

Arthritis for a long time considered to be the consequence of excessive stress exerted on the joints of overweight, and doctors believe that weight loss can prevent this condition. However, new data indicate that a proper balance of intestinal bacteria can eliminate symptoms of arthritis, even if the weight remains the same. These findings were made in tests on mice.

Experts fed mice foods high in fat to mimic a traditional Western diet. After 12 weeks of the diet, rodents developed obesity and diabetes, while fat percentage in the body has almost doubled compared with mice that comply with a low calorie diet. According to the researchers, the rodents who ate junk food had higher levels of inflammation in the body and is almost completely lost beneficial probiotic bacteria. Changes in the intestinal microbiome in mice also contributed to the progression of inflammation in the joints, exacerbating the symptoms of arthritis. It was found that in comparison with animals from control group arthritis developed much faster in mice with the obese, who have had in your diet harmful products.

In the future, scientists have discovered that the negative effect of obesity on intestinal bacteria, the level of inflammation and arthritis was completely abolished when an unhealthy diet of obese mice were supplemented with a prebiotic called oligofructose.

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