In 2018 in Ukraine there will be an unplanned increase in pensions

В 2018 году в Украине может произойти внеплановое повышение пенсий

Pavlo Rozenko said on the inflow of revenues to the Pension Fund. This means that Ukrainians can hope for increase of pensions. Vice Prime Minister said, when it might be another improvement.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko spoke on the air of one of Ukrainian TV channels. So, he said that the Pension Fund recorded a slight increase in revenues. According to him, if it goes on, in the future the government can articulate new ideas about increase of pensions to Ukrainians.

“We have a little more income of the Pension Fund than we had planned. If you continue to see that this dynamics is observed, I am convinced that by the end of the year we will reach, perhaps, with ideas for more further changes in the pension legislation, or carry out any separate pension schemes to increase pensions in Ukraine”, — said Rozenko.

He also reminded that since July 1, increased pitcavage of at least 1373 1435 UAH to UAH. Along with this change in the size of pensions, however, for three categories of people. In particular, the increase in pensions will affect only 1 million citizens.

“These are the people who received pensions at the subsistence level and those are the people with pensions which depends on the subsistence minimum”, — said Vice Prime Minister.

Pavlo Rozenko added that the next increase of pensions planned on 1 December 2018 that is inherent in the state budget. So, minimalna pension will amount to UAH 1497.

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