In 2022 in Australia launched the new Titanic

В 2022 году в Австралии спустят на воду новый Титаник

Australian company Blue Star Line sights on an ambitious project. They promise to resurrect the Titanic in 2022. The new ship will sail with passengers aboard on the same route as his sunken twin brother – from Southampton to new York.

The first Titanic was positioned by the creators as an unsinkable ship, the Titanic 2 is called indestructible. The idea to recreate the legendary liner and send it to the new sail belongs to a businessman from Australia Clive Palmer. He founded Blue Star Line, whose name sounds like the name of the company that built the Titanic the White Star Line.

Businessman Palmer began construction of the Titanic 2 in 2012. That year marked the centenary of the disaster and the man wanted to honor those who died and to pay tribute to the survivors of the disaster. The plan was to launch the second Titanic in 2016, but the date was extended and was moved to 2018, and now the businessman promises to launch their offspring in 2022. Liner after launch will have to travel to new York on the route of the sunken ship, and then travel around the world.

В 2022 году в Австралии спустят на воду новый Титаник