In a cave in the Crimea, made an amazing archaeological finds

В пещере в Крыму сделали удивительные археологические находки

In Belogorskiy district of Crimea annexed by Russia, in the village of Zuya, during the construction of the route “Tavrida” was found in karst cavity — cave has a length of at least 1015 meters. Cavity, according to scientists, was formed as a result of exposure to confined groundwaters. The construction of the “Tavrida” in the area of the discovery of the cave suspended. In the layer of loam on the floor of the cave, the cavers discovered a huge number of skeletal remains. A small part of the extracted bones: phalanges, bones, teeth of animals. This was reported by “Popular mechanics”. To work in a recently opened cave attracted not only explorers, but also microbiologists and paleontologists. “The age of some of the findings may be 100 thousand years and more. We found, for example, part of a skull with fangs, perhaps we are talking about the hyena,” says caver Gennady Samokhin. Construction work on part of the track “Tavrida” near the caves suspended — the route crosses the cave and the arch in several places does not exceed a few meters. At the intersection with the alignment of the cave is a boulder blockage. According to caver, now we are discussing a solution to save the unique object from destruction, and to protect the construction site. According to scientists, it would be right to preserve the cave, explore it and make it a tourist attraction. Given its proximity to the road and the history of the discovery, the working title of the cave — “the Track Tauris,” said Samokhin.

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