In a collapse at a gold mine in South Africa killed 4 people

В результате обрушения на золотом руднике в Южной Африке погибло 4 человека

On Friday South African gold mine into an underground trap hit five workers.

В результате обрушения на золотом руднике в Южной Африке погибло 4 человека

4 people were killed and another suffered serious injuries. This was announced on Sunday, the company and the Union mining companies.

The collapse of the gold mine Tau Lekoa in the Village Main Reef in the North West province has caused at least one earthquake.

The national Union of miners (NUM) strongly criticized the mining company, stating that “in the working area, where four miners were found dead, evacuation routes was not.”

The Union also said in its statement that the proto-team of mine – a group of workers trained to perform underground rescue work, – not acting quickly enough to rescue four miners, and “intentionally prevented the group leaders and the drivers of the winches to save them”.

This informed the participants employed at the mine and was present during the incident.

Mining company Village Main Reef said it would not comment on evacuation procedures prior to the completion of the investigation.

“There were two seismic events, and then there was a falling stone,” said James Duncan, the representative of the mine.

“Investigation of the causal factors continue, and we will be able to comment only after they are completed. We generally will not comment on the charges NUM”.

The representative of NUM Livhuwani mamburu said that the collapse of rock occurred after a “seismic event with a power of 2.6 points.”

The number of victims of mines in South Africa last year has decreased from 90 in 2017 to 81, reported the Ministry of mineral resources in March. That was a notable reduction compared with previous decades, when the sector was marked by a weak safety regulations and labor laws.

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