In a Network selling fake hryvnia

В Сети продают фальшивые гривни

Fake bills sell on the Internet, with instructions to move

Ukraine is flooded with fake hryvnia denomination of 200 and 500 UAH. Fake openly advertise on the Internet and sell for 30-50% of face value via popular instant messaging applications by sending “New Mail” cod and “bookmarks”. At the same time, as they say in the NBU, recently appeared on the market more fake pyatisotok that attackers sells at markets and through Bank terminals.

Trade via Telegram

In the social network Instagram users in Kiev and the region is very actively encouraged to sign for a Telegram and to buy fake hryvnia, promising high quality goods. Often the modern counterfeiters offer banknotes of 200 and 500 UAH for the price of 30 to 50% of par. There are even “shares”, when trial batch sold for 5-10% of the nominal value.

How to assure the sellers that their banknotes come from the “LC” and was produced on the original machines. On average, a certain amount of fakes offered at that price: 15 thousand “hypocrisy” — 5250 UAH 20 thousand “hypocrisy” — 7000 UAH 30 thousand “hypocrisy” — 10 500 UAH.Curiously, the attackers, armed with the latest printing technologies, actively involve in its activities a legitimate business. Fake forward using popular email services and offer to sell them through a network of payment and Bank terminals. And so buyers had no doubt about the good faith of the sellers, the dealers offer to purchase their product without payment, and to pay upon receipt in the Department of “New Mail” cod.

At risk — online shopping and fast food

In addition, dealers on the channel giving out advice on how best to get rid of the fakes. “So, the options for draining: 1. The exchange in the stalls, the shops, the food courts, fast food outlets, transport, etc. — the best way, high security can be exchanged in any city, and large volumes. 2. Buying for “fake” products with OLX, online stores, etc. — is also a great method, instruction I give when buying a “falsehood”. 3. Drain terminals. The terminal does not take all the money and not always, and a large volume to drain through a dumb terminal, as there camera. A couple of thousand a month“—advised the criminals.

It should be noted that we did not do a trial purchase, so definitely can’t claim to sell on these channels counterfeit bills or just fraud involved. As said “news” economist Alexander Okhrimenko, such offers can place and operational law enforcement officers.

They have official duties provided that they can do such things with the aim of identifying potential criminals. Plus it should be the same as the statistics increase, “—said the “news” Okhrimenko.

In addition, financial analyst Basil nevmerzhitskiy said that the world history knows many examples when the fake money used the warring countries to undermine the economy of the opposing country. “Therefore, any such items should be carefully checked by law enforcement. It is important not to just remove these fakes, but also to know the goals pursued by the attackers, spreading them“, — explained the “news” nevmerzhitskiy.

Not always to distinguish

The national Bank noted that in recent years began to withdraw the fake banknotes of 500 UAH. They account for almost half (46%) of detected fakes. Every fourth forgery (27%) is a denomination of 100 UAH. Another 11% fakes have bills 200 UAH.

In August-September in Ukraine was recorded a growth removed from circulation counterfeit banknotes denomination UAH 500 2006, manufactured by inkjet printing with simulated ultraviolet protection“, — said the NBU. While the Ministry warned that without special equipment to distinguish a fake is difficult.

According to experts, counterfeit banknotes often identify the banks. “Usually fake in banks come from small businesses that do not use special equipment. But there are times when the forgery surfaced only in the NBU. That is, even technique have not seen the trick. If this happens, the NBU withdraws the bill and sends it to the study. After all, it is necessary not just to destroy, and to study and make electronic catalogs to update the cash technics“—said the “news” nevmerzhitskiy.

In his words, to update the directory since the detection of the forgery takes an average of 1-3 weeks. However, counterfeiters also are on the alert.

There also are people who put their products in the same equipment and look, she conceded forgery or not. Therefore, it is only a matter of time, “says nevmerzhytskiy. According to him, if the banking equipment is not recognized the fraud, the financial institution has the full right to give this bill the customer or pay it with another Bank.

What to pay attention

After analyzing seized Patitucci, the NBU said there are few differences from real banknotes. In particular, counterfeiting is more dense to the touch, so glued two sheets of paper, and with a more pale image. The hologram on the front side does not change color when you change the angle, there is no effect of the latent image of the denomination in the lower left corner and a watermark image on the protective tape fuzzy.

When checking the banknote, under ultraviolet light shows that the simulated fluorescent forgery protection (glowing in UV elements), but the colors are more vivid than real banknotes, the image is shifted, and the glowing filament green, not green and red colors as the original. In addition, some sellers of “false” indicates that the hallmark of their products is the same number on all bills.

What to do with the fake

If you happen to acquire a counterfeit bill, police advise to immediately report the discovery to law enforcement agencies by calling 102. The officers will withdraw you bill and asked to write an explanatory note about where you got it. But in this case, as noted by the lawyer Rostislav Kravets, there is a high risk that the applicant will fall under the distribution.

If you know exactly where you were given a bill, for example, in the supermarket, then you can contact them with the requirement to change it. And then it all will depend on the specific position of the administration. Sometimes the store is easier to change the bill, even at a loss, than to have trouble with the police and the verification of all cash. If you do not know the circumstances of obtaining fakes and decided to go to the police, there is a possibility that you will fall under suspicion, and you or your loved ones can come with a search warrant. The chance that you will return the money after the investigation, very little“, — said the “Vesti” Kravets.

But if your forgery found in the trading network, there is a chance of running into a criminal offense. “The shopping network is required by law to declare every such case. And the police, respectively, to open criminal cases. The size of the forgery is irrelevant, and to criminal liability is enough of a fake hryvnia, “—said the “news” Kravets.

In this case, the outcome of the criminal case will depend on, whether will find the intent, without the presence of whom to prosecute is impossible. Because people, for objective reasons, may not realize that the money is forged. However, if after receiving counterfeit people, identifying the forgery, decided to sell it as real, it will be subject to criminal liability.Anton Drannik

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