In a network there were photos from the wedding of heroes Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams from “suits”

Megan Markle. Frame from the series “Force majeure”

Now only and conversations that about the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, on may 19 this year. However, to see the actress in a wedding dress we will be able in the next month. April 25 two-hour premiere of the final series of the seventh season of “Force majeure” (Suits) in which the characters Markle (Rachel) and Patrick J. Adams (Mike) married. And now the network can find the first footage from this episode.

According to the Creator of the TV show Aaron Korsh, he was very pleased with this finale — after the news that Megan and Patrick abandon the project, the history of their heroes, it was decided to complete the tale:

I am very pleased with this finale. It’s great that their characters will go that way.

Footage from the series “Force majeure”

Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams. Footage from the series “Force majeure”

I think Aaron and all the writers of “Force majeure” did a great job on this story, ending in the end, the romantic story of Rachel and Mike’s most celebratory moment in their lives

added Gabriel Macht, who plays in the project, Harvey specter.

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams

I must say that fans of the series have waited for this moment for several years. Mike made a proposal of marriage to Rachel in the fourth season, and in the fifth they almost got married, but eventually decided to move the wedding up until Mike gets out of prison.

We some time have postponed this event. We knew that in the end the wedding will take place, but this had come, to wait a bit

says Korsh.

Macht, by the way, told a little more about the upcoming premiere, intrigued all who for seven years watching the lives of the characters on the show.

The scene where Harvey and Donna (played by Sarah Rafferty — approx. ed.) as best man and bridesmaids come to the altar, too, was very bright. This is a kind of mystery… it Seemed nothing special in that scene there, but actually it is a metaphor. Perhaps it’s time for these two?! Who knows

— shared the actor.

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty

Sarah Rafferty and Patrick J. Adams

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