In a new biography of Prince Charles has exhibited a capricious and wasteful

Prince Charles

Continue to tell you about the book Tom Bauer’s “Rebellious Prince: power, passion, and rebellion of Prince Charles,” recently saw the light and devoted to the difficult life of a member of the Royal family. Today new details have become known from the book, revealing the character of the eldest son of Elizabeth II.

If the last time in the leaked excerpts relating to the personal life of Charles, this time became available the details of his difficult character. Biography of Charles paints a portrait of a capricious person who’s obsessed with public opinion, and whose expenses proves that he is completely detached from the lives of ordinary people.

Prince Charles and his wife Duchess Cornish Camilla Parker-Bowles

According to the author, Charles once “screamed” and “shivered” at the sight of the plastic decorations in his lunch. The book also describes the case when the Prince got lucky on a journey of their own mattress, toilet seat, toilet paper, Kleenex Velvet and two of the “landscape of the Scottish highlands”.

Bauer, who previously wrote an informal biography of Tony Blair, Richard Branson and Mohamed al-Fayed, alleges that interviewed about 120 people who have confirmed that Charles after the 1997 events (death of Princess Diana. — Approx. ed.), manipulated media, to restore its reputation in the information space.The Prince presides in the center of the court where there is no place of democracy as some kind of feudal Lord.

— describes Tom bower professional activities of the monarch, who, according to the sources of the author, often appeared at meetings of the Martini mixed for a pre-personal assistants (and they are, according to the biography, more than 100).

Prince Charles with his son Harry

Also from the book implies that Charles is obsessed with public opinion. Once Peter Mandelson dropped the phrase, they say, subjects believe Prince’s”grim and depressing”, so Charles then gave the pass to his wife Camille, trying to figure out whether this is so. After the death of Diana, writes Bauer, Charles was “paralyzed with guilt”, saying:

They all will blame me, right? The world will go crazy.

Bauer argues that Charles often “sold” their society: for example, the Turkish billionaire CEM Uzyan paid 200 thousand pounds to his wife seated next to Prince during one of the receptions, American oil tycoon Armand hammer has spent approximately 40 million pounds for charity and personal needs of the Charles, in order to restore their public image.

Prince Charles

The biography details the relationship of the monarch with the government, cited Tony Blair, who calls the Prince “poisonous”, and also mentioned many other cases of improper conduct of the Prince.

His reputation tainted by an addiction to luxury, financial mismanagement, disloyalty to the professional supporters and painful relationship with his family.

— the conclusion comes to the author, Recalling that is a staunch monarchist and not trying in no way to discredit the Royal family.

Apart from all these details That Bauer writes how difficult it is for Charles to oblige with a choice of temperature and humidity in the room, what he wants to see himself on national coins and why he’s so upset because of the lack of media attention.

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