In a program of renovation, in Moscow, included six new sites

В программу реновации в Москве включили шесть новых площадок

The authorities of Moscow have joined the list of “starter” sites on the draft programme of renovation of housing stock in Moscow six new addresses, reports TASS with reference to the Deputy mayor .Of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin.

At the meeting of the Presidium of the government of the capital, the official said, new sites located in four districts – SVAO VAO, SWAD, NWAD and in the five boroughs – Losinoostrovskaya, Marfino, Perovo, the Kotlovka and Khoroshevo-Mnevniki. The construction of new homes to replace demolished five-story building, the authorities will start after 2022.

Two sites are located on Taininskoe street (LOSINOOSTROVSKY district, northeastern administrative area), close to D. 9, C. 5 and D. 7, K. 1. New buildings will also be erected on the street of the Academician the Queen, ow. 21 (Marfino, SVAO) Novogireyevskaya street, VL. 24A (Perovo, HLW), St. Dmitry Ulyanov, VL. 47-49 (Kotlovka, South-West) and St. Poor Damian, VL. 17, korp. 2 (Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Northwest).

Playground on the street Dmitry Ulyanov is on the site of two apartment buildings included in the renovation programme, which is already underway, the resettlement of residents. New buildings on these sites will allow us to relocate about 12 houses (1100 apartments) and to provide housing 2.9 thousand Muscovites, said Khusnullin.

The list of renovation now includes 329 of the launch sites for the construction of new homes. They will allow us to relocate the first 4.8 million sq m 15 million sq m, included in the program. Recruiting new launch sites and capital for new housing will continue, assured the Deputy mayor. In particular, the Moscow authorities intend to purchase under the program of renovation of housing, four sites have state-owned “House.Of the Russian Federation”, two Railways have also been negotiating the purchase of land from the “Rostec”.